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  1. Proximity^

    Get a fix to whatever is going on when that fix is found use a save before all this shit and compensate players a few mill, warpoints etc...
  2. Proximity^

  3. Proximity^

    What does it actually add the server except cancer?
  4. Proximity^

  5. Proximity^

  6. Proximity^

    don't use it anymore OFFER?
  7. Proximity^

  8. Proximity^

    No titans and surely the medics will help their friends why not just no medics and have dope crates in the middle of cap. Also can imagine rebels being camped by a gang so maybe something on that as well. If this is done the event would be fun otherwise can see it being more of a pain.
  9. Proximity^

    pm offers
  10. Proximity^

  11. Proximity^

    Where do I put the file?

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