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  1. Donations are to pay @Poseidon !
  2. ITS OVER WINNER IS @JuanDeaged
  3. If you honestly believe im doing that you are wrong. I think jazzy is pretty chill sooooooo wrong guy. Right now.... you got it. CONGRATS http://prntscr.com/enntd9
  4. If someone guesses the random number I generated 1-50 ill donate $100 dollars to olympus AND the person to guess it correctly will recieve 100,000 in game. This expires Saturday before gangwars if no-one gets it. ***ClOSED WINNER IS JUAN DEAGED***
  5. http://www.twitch.tv/mrboonie
  6. 20 mill for gang shed 450k per 31 days for 3000 storage and 3 crates Just to give you a perspective
  7. still didn't respond to my post
  8. @Muthinator and I was a bad medic? Get outta here
  9. It's the R&R Yellow Angel's
  10. Hehe @Peter Long & @Poseidon knows I can never be perm'd (JOKING)
  11. You literally just described yourself.
  12. what? This is insane!
  13. I agree they are literally making us write an essay apologizing for something that has NOTHING to do with olympus as a community, if you find someone exploiting or hacking within the community then sure I find this a reasonable request to write an essay or ETC. I record 99 % of all my gameplay, I report exploits and bugs and hackers so for olympus to ban half of their community for their past is going to leave a bad impression as well hurt their REP and donation goals. JS.
  14. Me