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  1. @McDili check PM's plz

    1. Brennan


      u r sick

  2. MrBoonie

    o7 To the best cop and best moderator and all around coolest dude on olympus :/ you will be missed
  3. is bae

    1. MrBoonie


      New Phone Who Dis?

  4. @McDili Happy Mother's Day, As You Nurse Olympus To It's Inevitable Death.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      @MrBoonie Literally every Arma community you've been an admin on has died before it got off the ground.  Clearly enough information here to draw a correlation. 

    3. MrBoonie


      @Grandma Gary I only banned dupers and exploiters.... It died cause we launched too late.... And weren't prepared. Why roast me man, I've done nothing to you Gary. :/ You make me feel sad.

    4. Jesse


      I can connect the dots and draw the correlation you speak of...

  5. @TheCmdrRex Things are happening on Olympus man.


  6. MrBoonie

    Smoking meth...
  7. MrBoonie

    I won't respond you literally aren't up to par with any rappers on Olympus even shit ones like me. Also you are doing this for attention to your profile and name, which I won't be appart of I don't want you to be relevant nor brought up in anything I make or do here on olympus, cause you simply aren't worth my time. I gave you one rebuttal and clearly trumped you get it TRUMP lol anywoot buh bye now...
  8. MrBoonie

    I am leafyishere.
  9. Literally on my way to work freestyling off this fat chewbaccian Mexican trying to rap.... sit. Please.
  10. MrBoonie

    Just to pass the time while I'm at work...
  11. MrBoonie

    I work nights this week as I'm driving to work right this second I listen to this god awful shit and it makes me want to literally kill myself.
  12. MrBoonie

    No homicide .... Jesus your like a 13 year old nerd at school begging for attention, your flow is wack not worth my time. Actually wasted my time to listen to this what in the fuck are you saying you repeat the same word 5-8 times then mumble the words once your flow ( that isn't on flow with the beat ) speeds up. Jesus idk what's going through your head that thinks this is actually good.
  13. MrBoonie

    No thanks. I had my fun. <---- Reformed.
  14. MrBoonie

    Listen I got your ass locked on a rope that Im pulling, we are fighting a war Ive already won. You are mad, Angry I get it, but listen ..... Alright time to go play Seige man, it's been fun as always.

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