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  1. Hey this entire idea out your head theak, won't happen.
  2. This isn't a good idea, I was BEST FRIENDS with socio, we knew each other IRL and i know that he would find a situation like this not suitable just cause someone taking their own life doesnt mean they need to be broadcasted on a billboard in kavala square, especially him. Regardless of the matter people are grieving including myself up to this date on the loss of my good friend. We don't need to drag it on further and advocate publicity because of such tragic events, what would be more constructive is just sharing your experiences and sharing your times you had with socio and leaving it at that.
  3. Do it for the meme, 2018 VOTE MR BOONIE FOR CIV REP
  4. See you bud
  5. I don't specialize in any tasks other than maybe my irl job responsibilities, aside from that never said I specialize in any skill set / task however In this post I'm wondering exactly what I'm looking at the purpose of taking a overview shot of a part of a city In game...
  6. Go to the media team section of the forums, also something's coming soon to Olympus to benefit new players that I and Ryan have been working on, but it's truly none of your concern, now is it. You can roast all you want im not going to rebuttal, have a great day. Uh oh.... that hurt my feelings. You can roast all you want im not going to rebuttal, have a great day.
  7. Guys what @Jesse is trying to say is he wants to have everyone donate their in game money to the boonie foundation this foundation helps adequate servers from crashing and dying due to Dedi issues. For 1 mill a day you save Olympus all sorts of ways. Thanks. Pm me to meet in game.
  8. ...... You must be blind. It's ok though. No thanks.
  9. What am I looking at.... it's just an overview of a portion of a city.....with the Olympus logo ontop and a black and white filter....
  10. Way more than I have invested into Olympus by a long shot, dang we got a high roller here boys
  11. Happy birthday brother! @Gafski

    1. Gafski


      Cheers Boonie my man <3

  12. Rep

    Weird I didnt...
  13. Rep

    I liked it? Who said anything on downvoting.
  14. Rep

    Generally posting funny or interesting posts that receive good feedback on it, a downvote gives someone bad rep.

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