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  1. Amount it up to confusion, however the gangwars itself was still ran like shit, thanks to @Ignis so THANK YOU PETER FOR THE AMAZING GANGWARS @Peter Long
  2. nah im good brother im sticking to my statement it was runned poorly and peter should've took care of every gang
  3. and here i am to make my peace so move on mcdildo i appreciate and love you. Ill see youj when i get the forum ban soon.
  4. to be honest i can care less. Its my opinion and im entitled to it. Others feel the same. Doesn't matter.
  5. Think back to all of the prior gangwars mcdilli, 12 only .... with that being said they stated 15 max on roster, we ASSUMED due to prior gangwars it would remain the same, 12 main and 3 subs. Common mistake YES on our part, however thats not the ONLY thing that went wrong with ignis running gangwars, so for you to base your opinion off of THAT SOLELY is idiotic in my opinion. PS - AGAIN I LOVE YOU DONT BAN ME
  6. Dude keep in mind ignis was in our channel WHILE we were stating to our gang members no only 12 allowed you would think someone running gangwars would inform us otherwise if we were wrong AS WELL he was rushing shit cause he was more concerned of his stream, again you fail at trying to make a valid point. GG best OS STAFF here. PS- you know i love you don't ban me.
  7. again mcdildo you are wrong with your statements. We were informed/assumed like last year 12 members were aloud and 3 subs amounting up to 15 people total . not 15 plus 3 subs...... sooooooo GG
  8. we lost for several reasons, we thought we could only use 12 so we practically 11 v 15 them each round, as well as it was ran poorly not going to argue with you top kek memesters
  9. i wouldnt have participation if i wouldve known ignis was going to poorly run this gangwars, your statement is idiotic nah i donated for peter's family.
  10. dude if you had to deal with what we were dealing with you would EQUALLY find it pretty damn shite
  11. @shibby do you admit this gangwars was ran so poorly by @Ignis
  12. This gang wars was not explained well, not designed well, and just not prepared properly. We start BW wins the coin toss and picks an island Island is 1100 meters long, once started Ignis calls for a PUSH 5-700 meters where we literally will be standing ontop of each other or face to face, he makes this call literally in 5 minutes of it starting. We tie with BW with two rounds on this island same problems with the calls for pushing each round. Afterwards he gets everyone situated he was impatient and unprofessional literally the entire time, cause he was more concerned of his stream this is GANG WARS not IGNIS WANTS MONEY FROM HIS STREAM. We move to telos the final round, he literally TP's us to the church we go to we have no time to prepare come up with strats or anything, a minute later calls everyone to go This has honestly been the most unprofessional, poorly developed gangwars ive ever been in. Also the amount of player weren't explained fully, we have used 12 members each round thinking only 12 were allowed. We told some members who wanted in, that they couldnt because only 12 is allowed, ignis heard this conversation and didnt speak up to say NOOOOO 15 IS ALLOWED he went with the flow just concerned of his stream. GG thanks for nothing @Peter Long & @Ignis
  13. Donations are to pay @Poseidon !
  14. ITS OVER WINNER IS @JuanDeaged
  15. If you honestly believe im doing that you are wrong. I think jazzy is pretty chill sooooooo wrong guy. Right now.... you got it. CONGRATS http://prntscr.com/enntd9