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  1. Hadi Mokdad

    why isn't the SDAR in this poll?
  2. Hadi Mokdad


    Oh i got an interesting ak flex vid coming soon bb
  3. Hadi Mokdad


  4. I'l be waiting for my christmas gift @Mako

  5. Yup, i am streaming for the first time :thinking-face_1f914:

  6. Arma defy the law of physics. Get hit from the right side, fly to the right side


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DeadPooL


      he got hit from the right and hit the guy to his left. Causing him to bounce to the right

    3. Ronin


      u mean shit like this doesnt happen irl?


    4. max^


      Damn you may want to check your back bone after that one 

  7. Plot twist. I'm 14, i'm not rich, and i'm not a terrorist







    Oh wait, you have me on facebook... nvm

    1. Dante


      E x p o s e d

    2. Corporal Moob

      Corporal Moob

      Can confirm every picture of Hadi on Facebook is him holding an AK in the desert.


    3. communistjosh


      9 minutes ago, Corporal Moob said:

      Can confirm every picture of Moob on Facebook is him holding a Potato in the English Channel.



  8. Allah will rise again against the infidels
  9. Hadi Mokdad

    sorry for your loss buddy.
  10. Hadi Mokdad

    that shitter tag say it all

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