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  1. When i am watching it before everyone. Want heavy spoilers tomorrow? 


  2. Hadi Mokdad


  3. Hadi Mokdad


    Damn are you sure ?
  4. @Rossco grts on support lead

    1. Rossco


      Why thank you :)

  5. Hadi Mokdad

    Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay.
  6. Passing the corp re-val be like


  7. Mamhoon

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    2. maxg


      i agree with what ever was said here

    3. Strikke


      good. i called hadi a my "love", faggot and an animal so good choice @maxg

    4. maxg


      14 minutes ago, Strikke said:

      good. i called hadi a my "love", faggot and an animal so good choice @maxg

      he is infact a animal xD

  8. Now that we are done with this meme we could move on :pog:


  9. Hadi Mokdad

    Chapter 9 2. Vigilantes are not required to announce before shooting in red/illegal zones. As for robbing you: You may NOT rob a wanted player and then place them in jail for a bounty. If he did not send you to jail that is fine .
  10. Hadi Mokdad


    That is what i call : True role player
  11. Just a small advise for some people that use shadow play . If you want to submit RDM reports please make sure the video end at your death . Some people are leaving  up to 30 seconds in death screen which will not help.  I advise you to set your recording to 6  minutes to be safe in shadow play setting. If you don't want to do it , at least make sure the video end up on your death instance and don't give it any longer time to hit the button on the keyboard . Thank you 

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    2. MAV


      Is a good point, adding to it, i advise setting it to 10 minutes and clip to 5 min prior to the beginning of the rdm engagement (meaning if you start taking shots at 4:10 but run into a building and not killed until 5:00 then that's not long enough...need to have 5 min prior to shots ., (Exception if your joining server, respawned or you are revived)

    3. Google


      ETA on admin?

    4. Fake and Gay Grandma
  12. imagine being this dude @Sho  Happy birth day 

  13. Hadi Mokdad


    o7 man and best of luck

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