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  1. whomst the fucc wants to grind gta money with me


  2. do people still fight cartels

    1. Orgondo


      Pretty much just Tree vs. Trident while people roach us tbh

    2. Vac.


      Wut about us orgondo ;(

    3. Orgondo


      @=DRK=VACation i actually forgot im sorry bby

  3. JebronLames

    this nigga makes it sound like hes about to save up for a wife
  4. JebronLames

    nigga what? am I stupid or was tman actually an admin before peter wtf??
  5. JebronLames

    how about this I'm the first to reply so buy me 2 $60 games
  6. gang life so god damn dead that @Dominick Ramos cant ruin it anymore. farewell tea drinker

  7. JebronLames

  8. @Regal this nigga dead or what

    1. Regal
    2. JebronLames


      2 minutes ago, Regal said:



  9. JebronLames

    you truly are beyond retarded. why do you think he was famous? because he was disabled, dumbass? people care about him and his death because of the things he accomplished, not because he was in a wheelchair.
  10. why do I feel like you're his retarded friend that got told to come here and make a dumbass offer for his overpriced pilot coveralls? you literally liked all of this guys posts AND said you're willing to pay 950k for pilot coveralls, and the retard replies with "ill think about it"
  11. JebronLames

    what did this man do

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