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  1. why do I feel like you're his retarded friend that got told to come here and make a dumbass offer for his overpriced pilot coveralls? you literally liked all of this guys posts AND said you're willing to pay 950k for pilot coveralls, and the retard replies with "ill think about it"
  2. what did this man do
  3. lmao whomst the fucc eat ass

  4. lmao haha D I C k haha

  5. you gotta be kidding me lol the shit that @Dejay wrote in his status update got removed? hmm

    Edited by JebronLames
    1. Ignis


      What are you talking about?...

      There's no edit history

  6. talking shit is cool and all but have you ever realized that you're talking shit to everyone about their video game skills

  7. this is probably not the right time for this but shelbye
  8. Olympus leave-athon

  9. whomst the fucc likes to rp retard
  10. he was trying to download a hack ban him
  11. @Deputy Dog man has no posts but has sergeant. Congrats :) 


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