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  1. happy bday @Jester :wub:

    1. Jester


      ty career medic hats :wub:

  2. Happy Birthday @R^vin :) :wub: 

  3. Happy Bday @DeadPooL

    1. Deadpool


      My birthday was may 24 wait @Grandma Gary Did you fuck with my shit again?

  4. i predict that @ThatNerdyGuy is coming out with a new shittage tonight

  5. congrats @hawk my new Lead:wub:

    1. hawk


      thanks hat ;)

  6. Happy birthday @Wong:) 

  7. happy birthday @ChubbyElf:wub:

  8. anyone have a razer Mamba that stops working every now and then.

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    2. Kyle Lake

      Kyle Lake

      Check and make sure the drivers are up to date, other than that sounds like your mouse is old and needs to be replaced

    3. Civak


      Go to Device Manager and then the properties of everything under HID, Mice, and USB controllers. Click on the Power Management tab and UNCHECK "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" then save. Also go to your Power & Sleep Settings > Additional power settings > Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings > USB settings > USB selective suspend setting > DISABLED.

    4. Hats


      ok thx you will do :wub:

  9. I love this Community.:wub:

  10. Happy Birthday @King :wub:


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