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  1. DashTonic

  2. ho in there right mind does this 28633e4ade7988fc63d213e64af3cb36.png

    1. Civak


      u dont?

    2. Lincoln Williams

      Lincoln Williams

      Any stoner that gets...."creative"

    3. Slumberjack


      1 hour ago, Lincoln Williams said:

      Any stoner that gets...."creative"

      If the pizza is old, you must rehydrate it and then bake it in order to still enjoy your broke food treasure....



  3. DashTonic

    This is a example of a run on sentence
  4. DashTonic

    @Coffee told you
  5. I gotta test my internet so here it is

    1. Caleb Snackbar

      Caleb Snackbar

      Woah that’s my ip 

    2. maxg


      @Ryan @Childish WOAH HE POSTED A IP OMG BAN HIM FOR 7 days!!!!

  6. DashTonic

    74 hours a week at actual job and sometimes I just want to sleep
  7. @Mighty @Lincoln Williams satisfactory tonight

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    2. Mighty


      Got class at 7:00 then I'm good for the rest of the night

    3. RDyer216


      Is there s good tutorial on this game?  I’m enjoying it but I feel like I’m fuckin up big time

    4. Mighty


      9 minutes ago, RDyer216 said:

      Is there s good tutorial on this game?  I’m enjoying it but I feel like I’m fuckin up big time

      I’m sure if you YouTube it you find a video about anything. If you wanna hop on with us tonight I can help explain what I know.

  8. DashTonic

  9. Nah was too busy playing satisfactory.... which I hate y'all for now

  10. Anyone watched game of thrones yesterday

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    2. Millennium


      3 hours ago, MAV said:

      spoil it an ill ban your forum account until the season is over

      a person dies.

    3. DashTonic


      21 minutes ago, Millennium said:

      a person dies.

      I haven't watched it but I think I know is it sansa

    4. Millennium


      @DashTonic I would tell you but then Mav will go all Papa bear on my ass

  11. DashTonic

    i guess they want more turtles but thats client side spawning
  12. DashTonic

    turtles works fine
  13. DashTonic


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