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  1. DashTonic

    Moob. Said this is a good chair to buy https://www.amazon.in/KosmoCare-Rexine-Regular-Foldable-Wheelchair/dp/B00HYABFTO
  2. DashTonic

    It's called common sense
  3. DashTonic

  4. fee4d529ff9d3240b2a7b196a41873bd.pngThe Deadpool of status updates 

    1. Orgondo


      Now that's a quality meme

    2. McDili


      Fucking true

  5. #FreeTheBoyJulian

    1. Dante


      @Jamie you can’t be the prodigy if you keep letting these numbers build up! 

  6. DashTonic

    If you walk up to someone and start talking to them=ban
  7. @DeadPoll this qulin price of yours I gonna find you ingame when you at least expect it you might die randomly get hit with a free fire Titian
  8. DashTonic

  9. DashTonic

    The one in the back right corner is @Zahzi
  10. DashTonic

    The majestic MLP black fish
  11. What's a decent joystick to buy

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    2. Peter Long

      Peter Long

      Thrustmaster hotas x. Best joystick for elite.

    3. Creepy
    4. Destruct


      I use the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro - pretty cheap price point and works great. You can pick it up at like a Best Buy or something too instead of getting it online.

  12. DashTonic

    it needs to be bigger
  13. DashTonic

    Here's my IP @Majed

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