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  1. ill pay someone to write these 390 word answers to a couple questions about art msg me. i cba art is for fags that play the skin flute

    Edited by swervy
    1. Trenton The God

      Trenton The God

      @rapidaax is always good for some quick cash for doing gay shit

  2. swervy

    i have 2 zafirs, you willing to pay 400k each?
  3. swervy

    shhhhh we let them think that so they keep giving us free warpoints. poor bastards dont realize they arent winning a single war against any cartel gang
  4. swervy

    link your porn playlist you smelly bastard
  5. swervy

    we already have another wz rebel approved and on the way, i dont see why anyone would need another one imo
  6. swervy

    lets go
  7. swervy

    someone teach this retard how to make a status update
  8. i miss you buddy

    1. swervy
    2. Dealer


      hi jaster im a huge fan please sign my steam 1 more time please

    3. Jaster


      Sure @Dealer anything for the fans!

  9. if you want to see a big improvement in performance for arma 3 while still getting good value for your money get a i5-9600k processor, it's not that much money. i have the dogshit gtx 1050 ti too and i changed processors and it made a big difference.
  10. swervy

    ill sell you hawk for 23m
  11. ニガー

    1. Montez



    2. LukeTheSup




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