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  1. While you were out partying I sat on OG fighting for my life. When you was studying I was practicing my aim. While you were hanging out with the boys, I mastered the mk-1 recoi pattern. And now when the tier list is coming out you have the audacity to come to ME for help?

    1. buckie



  2. free @DABESTeva  . we are ready to terrorize the illegal immigrants of Altis once again

    1. swervy
    2. Cale



    3. DABESTeva


      yes yes +1 cheesy is a changed man needs another chance on the altis 

  3. @G F greasy knacker

  4. Added: Gang Bases Gangs who own a Cartel now earn passive money looks familiar
  5. my cpu fan keeps randomly getting loud and speeding up at certain times. any idea how i can keep it at a constant noise level/speed?

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    2. BENJI


      Set up a cpu fan curve in bios sometimes the auto fan curve is wack. Also make sure your cpu temps aren't spiking, that'll cause your fan to rev up

    3. Drippp


      Download msi afterburner n see what ur temps are when it happens, if temps aren’t high and it’s doing that mess with fans in bios

    4. Millennium


      20 hours ago, Rossco said:

      open command prompt, type "cd c:\windows\system32", then type del, then Y

      that does not work on windows 10 anymore good sir

  6. im rooting for the black cunts. @Silton lmk if you need me to send some packets
  7. swervy


    hmu on discord if you wanna game kale
  8. Zude!!!!!

  9. this guy hunter biden fucks. check out his dong in these young ladies mouthes. some of u dummies actually voted for this guys pedophile dad haha sheep


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    2. Praetorian


      "valid sources" Scuffed tabloids and a youtube video in 380p

    3. buckie


      @Praetorian either choose to trust an independent media source or trust a multi billion dollar international media entity. Your choice Sheep, it shows that u monkeys havent spent much time out of the hive minded echo chamber.

    4. Praetorian


      I don't follow companies I follow journalists, Fox, CNN, etc. are all owned by sinclair anyway.

  10. if you want to know how a select group of rich people have been brainwashing a huge chunk of the worlds population for almost a century watch Hidden Agenda on prime video. episode 1 and 4 are the most relevant to what is happening in US and many other non communist countries today. even if u dont believe it its really important stuff and there is a LOT of evidence

  11. happy late bday swervy zude!!

  12. dude the latest stimulus deal was turned down because nancy pelosi wouldnt let it pass without adding a bunch of extra stuff im in my junior year studying international business in college but doing my own research ive learned more about economics and foreign trade policies than i ever did in a school course
  13. this is exactly why this election is so important. you have trump, who created one the strongest economies in modern history (lowest unemployment rates, highest gdp, highest wage growth) and biden who is obviously gonna hurt our economy which is already suffering badly due to covid. i just want everyone to be able to make an honest living and thats why i gotta vote trump

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