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  1. imagine crying about people seeing your email because it was your login for a booter that's been used to deny people internet because they play the same video game server as you

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. HoesMad


      @thor hahahaha sad cunt

    3. billdroid


      Why did oly even start unbanning ddosers. 😐 
      its disgusting

    4. Vcx


      Shut up boomer

  2. G F

    happy birthday meat head xx

    1. swervy


      thank you laddy

  3. @destruct doing Gods work. that fat little cunt jrod has been hitting the lad off non stop this week and needs a permanent time out. now lets ban that orphan greasy gabe because they share the same login to the booter and he's still been using it.

    1. an overweight giant retard

      an overweight giant retard

      if someone got that evidence, pull up on the block wit it

    2. rabeed
  4. cheers m8 i think ill be joining ya soon in arma 3 heaven
  5. now recruiting mw2 billcamers

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    2. 21Cabbage


      nice hackz zzz hit some real klips lul

    3. Azeh


      2017 yikes

      2011/12 were the good days

    4. Jerrod


      I was in BO2 synergy stg

  6. 209-2092828-alvin-and-the-chipmunks-hands-in-pockets-alvin

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    2. Elements


      more likes on this than your montages

    3. Millennium


      would have been better on Theodore but still +1

    4. iPopsicle


      Respect the drip Karen

  7. ok time to let @codeYeTi get dev now

    1. codeYeTi


      Unfortunately got the news the other week its not happening, sorry to disappoint.

  8. you support team retards bash staff any little chance you get because you think you deserve it more. yall are glorified toilets and the majority of you are power hungry little kids who have too much time on your hands. trying to blame ryan for nonexistent problems isnt how you’re going to get your way. ryans the best owner we’ve had in the 3 years ive been playing this server so get off his neck

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    2. 3 Rip

      3 Rip

      don't really know what all this drama is about but the best owners this server has had in the 5 years i have been on it is without a doubt hands down not even close the mcdili/jesse combo. That's all that really caught my eye from this status update

    3. billdroid


      swervy unban me from your teamspeak! I come home from college and im banned for a a year 😪

    4. Linka


      @KrispyK swervy has actually been here so much longer than you

  9. imagine being one of these greasy social justice warriors that sit here and type a long ass post complaining about how a somewhat edgy joke on a gaming forum hurt your feelings and is wrong to say

    1. Ziggyuwu


      people are angry at the fact that a staff member made an edgy joke on a sensitive topic when staff are supposed to be held to a higher standard

    2. swervy


      @Ziggyuwu who cares? the kids that want to be staff and got denied

  10. download-3

    1. Page


      Sneak peak of swervys girl

  11. i need someone from teamplayers, plague or ti on cartel council. apply in the support tab if interested

    1. JuanDeaged


      What about team liquid?

    2. Elements


      @JuanDeaged LG is a superior gang

  12. server is unplayable because of lag

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