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  1. deadass fr it was me cuzzo
  2. No memory leaks so far, minimal amount of stuttering, so much more stable (game isn't freezing no where near as much anymore), better fps, can actually play koth/ger tdm with fps greater than 40, feels good man overhyped for sure
  3. wow guys we're all friends here!!!!
  4. deadass fr cuzzo @badaim
  5. keep in mind this is coming from the same retard that 50 cal'd an orca hovering above him then demanded comp when it blew him up
  6. Delete all your launch paramaters and launch options, opt out of performance build if you are using it, use system as your memory allocator. Couldn't play for 30 minutes without getting a memleak before, this fixed it for me.
  7. hey badaim

    1. badaim


      hows it going pal just your local olympus player

    2. Jmb


      pretty good, got myself some ACTIVE players to play with

      how u been, it's been a while

    3. badaim


      just being inactive like usual you know same shit different day. maybe ill say im gonna be active some time next week then not play for 2 weeks

  8. I'm a top 500 genji main, wbu
  9. Eh, was barely complexity who competed, no leaders were allowed to fight (moobs plan actually worked for once xd) , half of the roster was friends, only facts, i could care less either way, only took mc 7 gw's before they won one, about time, gj i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ eh, not really church/meth, no og arms/moonshine, if the attacking gang knows what they're doing, no og meth without a tower, no
  10. didn't fight, didn't watch, didn't care gj mc only took you 6(?) tries
  11. Since Jimbo is unable to participate we (Complexity) will be using Jombi as a stand in.
  12. Won't let me quote, but same as @Fushigi xd
  13. They just don't want to fight cheaters, understandable.. the fucking irony