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  1. Thanks for giving us a free win
  2. you're a fucking retard
  3. She legit is a fucking pig lmao
  4. Proves that you're a retard and nobody likes you
  5. If you're too shit to be on Ambition's roster you know you're really fucking awful
  6. neck yourself
  7. You told peter that you were gonna hang his children. Stupid little retards like you shouldn't get unbanned
  8. Ayy my boys @BumbaClat @Phizx @Trimorphious finally unbanned xd
  9. Do you do this for the attention? Lmao just leave the server its a game
  10. Stfu before i hit you off kid
  11. cya later moob, thanks for teaching me what a dutch oven is
  12. A lot of active gang members/cartel fighters just stopped playing cause the game gets boring, the game is getting old and a lot of people stop playing cause it's just really repetitive if you have like 4/5k hours.
  13. Wow @Garrett yea fine don't @ me thats fine
  14. Im Grand Champ in everything but solo standard xd but ill carry on my smurf
  15. You fucking RAPED them

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