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  1. D P

    If he aint chief Im not installing
  2. I still have a Cartel and Fed slot open for Civ Council!

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    2. Ryan


      What’s a civ council?

    3. Bloodmoon


      Come put in work for no reward :4head:

    4. D P

      D P

      The most discredited group that is a minority but speaks for the majority  

  3. D P

    We need stats before we can go public to find the average to see if its too high
  4. D P

    fill me in!!!!!!!! or Fill me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. D P

    Please make a Mine Craft Server
  6. D P

    If you actually make a montage..... I might be looking for a new runs council member......
  7. D P

    But wait there's more!
  8. D P

    MCPD Strikes yet again
  9. I now need someone for fed council. 

  10. You can trade warpoints between players
  11. D P

    Im not one for big post publically or words of affirmation But I have never met someone who has stuck around for as long as you have and cared to help the community. I still remember the day you left MC for Tree we were rolling in an ifrit with @Orgondo. Olmypus would not be where it is with your help and contribution to the server or civ council. If there was a Retired Civ Rep tag you I would give you it, you have earned it. It even hurts taking your tags.....
  12. D P

    2 reasons. My hair was like 7-8 inches long. I live on the beach now so its always 100% humid and hot. Also, how can you say no to this face lmao I better a fuck ton of likes for this lmao

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