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  1. DeadPool

    This is true since there only 2 born genders upon birth since the beginning of time.
  2. DeadPool

    Reminds me of when hoonter told me the feds are winning becuase im blacklisted so my stats dont matter. Then tried back pedaling afterwards lmao + fucking 1
  3. DeadPool

    submit a comp ticket and staff will look through logs to verify
  4. DeadPool

    wait its being wiped? Shit time to go RDM and dupe
  5. @Doc Congrats on being the last MC Staff

  6. DeadPool

    let me help you real quick just say Hi in your app and youll get accepted lmao
  7. DeadPool

    Im saying yes its the same do not tase cops
  8. DeadPool

    Go tase at a pharma and ask that again
  9. DeadPool

    I remember @Colt screaming at the top of his lungs over this @Grandma Gary
  10. Yall can thank @Corporal Moob For pitching me the idea this months Donation goal

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DeadPool


      Its not Asylums hitman. Ill probally make a post explaining it in detail after the staff meeting

    3. Silton


      Not thanking that fat retards for anything

    4. Corporal Moob

      Corporal Moob

      @Silton why are you still here. Hasn't your rope snapped yet?


      Also this idea was from over 2 years ago. Not like I thought of it yesterday. 

      Final side note: Didn't even know Asylum had something related, as if I would play on that wank server to know that. 

  11. Wait @Bloodmoon got corp? Time to log on

    1. bigSMOKE


      what does this mean

    2. Bloodmoon


      8 minutes ago, bigSMOKE said:

      what does this mean

      he was the one that reported me when i got corp first time lmao

  12. and people say destiny is not fun


  13. All I’m gonna say is 



    1. Ryan


      Who are you again?

    2. Soulz


      Inactive community outreacher

    3. Zahzi


      8 hours ago, Soulz said:

      Inactive community outreacher


  14. Hey everyone if you want to apply for Civ Council we have a lot of Vigi Council Slots open so go apply!

    1. Cale


      Is there age minimum?

    2. Zahzi


      38 minutes ago, Cale said:

      Is there age minimum?

      No. Application requirements can be found here: 


    3. MAV


      Who are you @DeadPool


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