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  1. Is TS down for anyone else?

  2. If anyone needs a gang to fight with for Gang Wars PM me I will find you a gang

  3. Anyone got Dead Island and wanna play?

  4. Im gonna  be doing testing on the gang wars file in 20 minutes join ts if you wanna help

  5. Dont forget to submit your gang roster!!!!

    Click HERE

  6. like the post says exceptions can be made
  7. Just message around asking gangs if they need anther player
  8. Event: Gang Wars is a 10v10 fight amongst those who deem themselves the best of Olympus. This is a bracket-styled best of 3 event. Locations for each fight will be decided by the winner of a coin-flip and will consist of the following six capture points: OG Church Warzone Alpha Cap DP 19 (Charkia) Kavala Telos Dates: 5th of August (11:59 PM EST) - Rosters are due. 8th of August (11:59 PM EST) - Rosters are completely locked. 8th of August (2 PM EST) - Gang Leaders Meeting: Olympus Teamspeak, all gang leaders participating are required to attend this meeting. 8th of August (5 PM EST) - Rosters & brackets will be released. 15th of August (10:45 AM EST) - Gangs must be in Teamspeak. 15th of August (11 AM EST) - Start of Gang Wars. Requirements: Participants must have at least 100 hours played on the server (exceptions can be made) Participants must have at least 30 hours in the past month. Participating gangs must have been created by August 1st (exceptions can be made) Rosters MUST have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10, with a maximum of 3 substitutes If you don't have enough players on your team, or you're looking for a team, submit your registration and we will contact you via the forums to sort you into teams/find you players. Rules: Players that have been banned in the past for lag-switching, scripting, cheating, hacking, or anything else of that nature will be disqualified from participation (exceptions may be made depending on players' ban). You must have a reasonable amount of playtime on our servers 2 weeks prior to the Gang Wars date. All players must play under the name registered on the roster, including gang tag; all players will be checked to see if they match with their submitted roster. Players must show their POV of any kills or clips if requested by event staff. Failure to provide POV will result in a team DQ. Players must be able to screen share on Discord immediately when asked, if you attempt to log out from the server before screen sharing you will also be disqualified. At any point during Gang Wars if staff feels that a player is out of bounds, exploiting, cheating or in some way not fulfilling the equal fighting gameplay intended for Gang Wars, they will be killed, disqualified and their gang disqualified. These infractions include, but aren’t limited to: DPI Glitching (repetitively moving mouse fast to create teleporting action) DPI Jumping (flicking mouse sideways while jumping, making you jump further and faster) VDM (as per server rules) Smoke Exploiting: If a player is abusing smoke mechanics in a way that blatantly benefits their team to gain kills on the opposing team, said player's team will forfeit the round. For example, smoking away from the cap itself and jumping into the smoke to shield themselves in the open to kill another player. At hosts/ staff discretion. Players violating these rules will be subject to administrative action and their team will be disqualified or given a round loss depending on the severity. Any player found impeding the process of Gang Wars in any way will be subject to administrative action on Olympus Servers. All players must be in the Olympus Teamspeak for the event If a player disconnects the server for any reason while the round is started (DDOS, games crash, lost connection), the player must wait till the next round to reconnect. A substitute may join in on the next round if the original player does not come back Details: When applying, make sure that your player list is complete WITH SUBS AND THEIR PLAYER IDS. Vehicles (all vehicles will be T4) OG, Church Attacking Team: 2 Ifrits and 2 Qilin. Defending Team: 3 Qilins. Kavala, Telos, Charkia Both team: 2 Ifrits and 2 Qilins. Weapons - All 7.62 rifles and all weapons under 6.5. NO LMGs or LMG Mags. Armor - Tier 3 vests. No Granit or CSAT. The championship match will be BO5 (tiebreaker will be Telos). Each team will have 3 minutes to get every player connected to the server. You will have 1 minute to get geared and 1 minute to get into the vehicles. Two minutes total before you fight, once the clock is out, no more will be allowed to join (unless approved by the host). 10 Minute timer on all fights with a shrinking zone which will slowly kill a player outside of the zone. End game mechanics: On OG & Church, the kill zone will shrink to 50m, then to 25m with 1 minute remaining. When the timer runs out, defenders will win unless attackers outnumber defenders more than 2:1. For example, 2 defenders will win against 4 attackers, but lose to 5 attackers. On all other zones, the kill zone will shrink down to 1m before the clock runs out. The last team with a player alive wins. Rewards: 1st place will receive: $50,000,000 gang funds A gang billboard in Kavala Square and Warzone A custom gang uniform Gang War Winner tags and title in Teamspeak 1 Month Subscription to Olympus+ 2nd place will receive: $25,000,000 gang funds 2nd place Gang Wars title 3rd place. will receive: $10,000,000 gang funds MVP: MVP of Gang Wars will be based on their stats from the whole event and any plays they may have had that resulted in their Gang winning a round or match. The prize for the MVP will be $5,000,000 in their bank, a custom Gang Wars MVP title, and a pick of any Blackwater item.' ROSTER FORM

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