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  2. Play a few PUBG games on desktop with good internet..continuosly Do bad. Play a solo on a laptop with the laptop mouse pad..get 4 kills. I hate this game. 

    1. hesalittlerunaway
    2. James_


      I do bad either way :FeelsBad:

  3. We can rebuild you!

  4. Temp upgraded to a gig/s internet but the router we have is hot garbage. (Less than 1mbps/sec)Ordered a new router to pick up in an hour. Assuming a smooth process then I'll finally be online. Ffs

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    2. Bow


      You should move your bed right next to that new router. Paying for gbit means using gbit. Or just get a longer wire and trail it around the house.

    3. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      Id have to rely on my mother to do it and she doesnt know how to turn her own phone on and off on her goof days. It's a 2 week fix, really. So I'm not worried about not getting the full gig experience. Just going to get overly spoiled to it anyways when i go home since i live in the middle of nowhere and have super limited internet options. 

    4. DeadPool1337


      I have comcast and the modem/router I use has 3 different channels. 5ghz and a 4.5ghz with a Ethernet line. I get roughly 140mbs up and 70mbs down. I can get 250mbs up and down on a good day.

  5. Long overdue. The fact that medics could ask for help all day long but cops were forced to message just to make sure the medic didn't dick them was terrible. Great addition.
  6. **THIS IS MY OPINION AND SHOULDN'T REFLECT STAFF AS A WHOLE** The way I feel about times like this is situational. I personally can't stand the idea of comp automatically making it OK to break rules. Although, if the reporter and reported had a mutual agreement to comp through messaging or verbal (and can be proved in the appeal assuming the reporter reports anyways) then I dont see an issue with at least reducing depending on the severity. Now, this does not include someone that gets banned THEN tries to offer comp to get unbanned. To me, you don't care that you broke a rule but that you were banned. It can get deeper in detail for when comp should matter but that's the basis on how i handle each situation. If you break a rule, send comp, but there was never an agreement..you took a risk. Always get confirmation that comp is a deal. At least for me. ^_^
  7. @Poseidon brought this idea up a while back and it was completely shit on by everyone due to engagement and 'RDM' reasons.
  8. One more day of shitternet. I need a healthy dose of Arma

    1. DeadPool1337


      You say that now but when you get armad and rage then rupture spine it gonna hurt lol

    2. Tman15tmb


      I would stick to soft core porn if I were you.

  9. This recovery needs to hurry. I miss potatoing you assholes at cartels. 

    In other news, this is what a bajillion staples looks like:


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    2. Marty


      FUCK! I shouldn't have looked at that. Get well soon, comrade!

    3. Sonny Asif

      Sonny Asif

      Mate, when i was younger I broke my elbow in 4 places, the bone spilt my brachial artery and I was about 5 minutes away from death lmao

      I should be dead rn

    4. Sociopathic


      That looks really fun Dante...

  10. With engagements and stuff, thats too easy. A staff member can make it event style and TP to a secluded area and if anyone disrupts/kills people during it will have an easy vacation. As for a mic being aids for the actual instrumental portion, it might be. Ive heard some people play music flawlessly through their mics. Either way, this sounds like a lot of fun for everyone involved. Im hopeful we get some more participants. Especially if it happens after im finally back in game.
  11. So staying at my moms through the first 2-3 weeks of recovery. Her internet speed is under 1mb/second..they cant come upgrade until Thursday. Single player games, here I come!

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      AHH. ok that makes sense. Well, feel better and have fun just hanging out.

    3. BobsYourAuntie


      Mine is 2mbps. You all have it easy


    4. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      I did a speed test.. .01 mb/s

      there is a point before those number

  12. Finally headed home for the next step in recovery. 5 days felt like months in the hospital. 

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    2. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      Yep. No paralysis. Cant lift anything bigger than a fork for months though. 

    3. DeadPool1337


      You in a wheel chair?

    4. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      Could be but pt went well so just a back brace for now 

  13. With May's goal met and June coming around quickly, lets hear some community ideas! Nothing said is guaranteed to make the cut, but help us come up with ideas. 

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    2. Brennan


      Stats Page

    3. JBruesch


      1 hour ago, Monkeysz said:

      Pilot Helmet with the full screen Night vision


    4. yobson


      stats page

  14. This has gone so quietly, but going to miss you @Albert Savage! Youve helped me every step of the way in every way you could, helped me become the best Sr. Medic I could be, and the R&R won't be the same without you. I better see you around, man! Good luck on all your future endeavours. 

    1. Pledge


      Goodbye @Albert Savage! You shall forever be missed!

  15. This hospital makes me miss seasoning. 

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    2. 860homicidehartford


      So will u still be able to play 

    3. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      After my first portion of recovery. Ill be around the forums but nothing regular in game for a bit

    4. 860homicidehartford


      That's cool bro don't u worry bout in game focus on ur recovery bro I already told you u got my prayers and good vibes your way brother