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  1. Cheers for the tag, I'll offer what I offered for last mk1 and bipod together 1.5m
  2. Learn something new everyday.
  3. Looks good, if you are going to be playing ARMA lots though I recommend using more RAM, also with regards to cooling, liquid cooling is good but you will need to make sure you have a good air flow through the computer with a couple decent fans. You'll want that especially if you plan to overclock. Idk about the RAM make you are getting but Corsair is a good make. Graphics cards aren't necessarily majorly important if just for ARMA, a GTX 970 will do you as a solid card and save you 300 dollars, depends if you want to future-proof your PC and how much you wanna spend. The power supply is probably a bit overkill also. Other than that, good specs Edit: As Ajax said, a small Samsung SSD is also a good shout just to boot up your PC super quick, but not necessary. For the price you can get them for and how much you are spending I'd say it's worth it.
  4. One of the greats, O7
  5. I'll see your offer and raise you a potato
  6. Happy new year all
  7. Walking dead memorabilia
  8. Riddle 3 - Million
  9. he's right with you're
  10. Uk virtually found america, and Canada is half French, uk is better
  11. Best Shot: depends on the day Best Driver: since I got no ideas maddog Best Heli Pilot: dangusdean.... (Jk goat) Best Officer: gibbs Best R&R: mercury/ dante Best Kavala Troll (Not rulebreaker, legitimately funny RP): taxi marty Best RP'r: ham Most Tactical: moob Funniest/Most enjoyable to play with: grandma gary/ mercury Most Reliable: lucki Most Dedicated Player: clemenza edit best all around player - talindor
  12. As much as I appreciate the fact that you want situations to be role played as much as possible, sometimes listening to somebody's story is not always necessary, for example if they just shot 3 policemen, why would you listen to their story? You would simply process them. Granted MOST situations should be role played to their maximum, but it can be situational. Furthermore posting things like this on the forums is not going to help yourself, you are better off speaking to their Sr. APD representatives so that they can speak to the individual if necessary. If you wish to follow this up further I suggest you make a support ticket.
  13. Good luck with future endeavour's and hopefully see you around!
  14. -1 you told us when it was and not 12 units of time.