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  1. LOL and now it says 797 most online if you cant tell its a joke then you are retarded and you made a "minitage" off of your first kill at a cartel please be quiet.
  2. Litterally just 2 tapped 2 huge youtubers lol one was gassy mexican its on his stream LOL

  3. Im sorry who are you??!/1/1//1
  4. hes a god, He has to hack and use pulldowns. Tbh im just a
  5. yeah uh I dont think I gave you permission to quote me if you wanna talk to me than be semi relevant okay? Show me your montage or come to a cartel. I R R E L E V A N T
  6. I doubt gang wars racked up 500 members on the forums at once tbh.
  7. And it also says the most online we had went from 420 to 500 something. I doubt that ever happend the max I see is like 50 lol
  8. Just bought the Logitech G340 Headset, tell me if it was a bad choice


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    2. asdasd123


      I wanna ask but I don't wanna ask how that happend

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    3. Linka


      @Auri these are better than krakens and they are better when wired 

    4. Corbaaan


      @platinumfire I was fucking around with my brothers dog and ran after him forgetting they were on my head.

  9. I wanted to buy one a while back when I was designing like all the time but I forgot about it overtime
  10. Do you have a drawing tablet for graphics design?
  11. wen u sneek owt of ur rum 2 c if u kan say hi 2 santa

  12. Merry Christmas ill be giving out arma 3 lessons -50% off! If you are interested PM me some of you really need them




  13. #3 Mailbox

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