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  1. Never seen so much salt in my life over gang wars, like you were gonna win anyways. You should try bringing it up respectively instead of calling out people who do a lot of work for this server.
  2. Really excited to be a Sr. R&R member! I'd also like to thank everyone who congratulated me today!


  3. Dude, you have a potato for a computer... 64 bit aint gonna help ya.
  4. @DaneG is a liar!


      Nice blank boxes. :bigcheefface:


  5. @ShadowXbeast Put so much work into becoming a Sr. Medic just to throw it away and find it funny is pretty sad.
  6. I actually agree with something you say, feels weird.
  7. As I'm sure you are well aware of the News Team is a new faction so there has been a flurry of new members who all need tags, so don't worry we know who needs to be given tags and they will be given out asap.
  8. @Mason Payne, I have no words. I wish you the best! :(

  9. this is pretty awesome
  10. Want to see what News Team looks like?


  11. good stuff
  12. I really put some thought into it.
  13. you smell funny
  14. Congrats to @Nikoteen on being the first member of the News Team.

    @Danger you don't count :)

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    2. Hyper223


      How do I apply?

      @Hot Pocket

      Edited by Hyper223
    3. Danger



    4. Pocketoli


      was i first to apply, when u reopened it?