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  1. @Quack maybe I'll give you a little birthday present

  2. People are fake af lmao

  3. U know u could of made 1 thread for all your houses for sale...
  4. Congrats @TrapNazio

    1. Aunt Jemima
    2. Egnazio


      You two are lucky you're cute 

  5. Put in a general inquiry asking for it to be changed with the name you want it to be.
  6. Nvm I'm keeping the mk

  7. So i stop getting a shit load of messages. I am stepping down because i just got a new job and i will be working 60 hours a week. 


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    2. Isaac Newton

      Isaac Newton

      Hey man life comes first. GL with the new job! Make dat MONAYYY . If you haven't started already, you should look into investing. Young people with decent jobs can really get a good footing in life the earlier you start.

    3. Hot Pocket

      Hot Pocket

      appreciate the advice!

    4. falcon


      thanks dad


  8. Absolute fucking legend 

  9. Selling mk1 taser :KappaHD:

  10. @TheCmdrRex come collect your mans
  11. Congrats to my love child @gomby on corp! 

  12. Who's Jesse, never heard of her.
  13. I wish i had enough time to read the text
    • fucking eh right we do bud
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    2. Canada


      and if the leafs make the playoffs...

    3. codeyeti


      I'll fuckin' jump in the lake!

    4. Canada


      Buddy came over to my place the other night....


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