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  1. tyler

    as if the community cares that ur back lmao
  2. i agree with linka .delete server

  3. imagine still caring for arma 3.. yikes.

    1. Ryan


      Tyler come home to me :( 

    2. tyler


      okay dad : ) only for you <3

  4. tyler

    lmao nobody cares cya idiot
  5. tyler

    o7 kid ill miss u <3 kinda sad i didnt make the @ list but its okay
  6. happy fathers day u cuck @Dante

    1. Dante


      Happy father’s day you big gay <3

  7. ugly

    1. tyler
    2. Millennium
    3. tyler


      yes! ducky! please help!

  8. tyler

  9. retards

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. tyler


      hawk dont guilt trip me wtf, i literally had se.. we talked a lot 

    3. hawk


      Just now, tyler said:

      hawk dont guilt trip me wtf, i literally had se.. we talked a lot 

      :lol: We should talk more ;) 

    4. an overweight giant retard

      an overweight giant retard

      4 hours ago, KGB JOSH said:

      the only redeeming thing you can say about yourself is that you were an LT on a roleplay police force

      tfw you can say you were a

      m o d e r a t o r


  10. tyler

    i miss u
  11. tyler

    hi trenton
  12. Wtf am I seeing on these status updates lmao


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