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  1. tyler

    arma doesnt require a instensive gpu because arma relies on the cpu more than anything. if you plan on playing only arma just buy a super intense cpu and budget the rest besides ram.
  2. Mid-tower case Motherboard CPU Some type of coolant for the CPU (Heatsink, a water cooling system) GPU RAM Power Supply Go on PCPartPicker and pick out a case, it'll give you options of what motherboards are compatible with that case, and then pick out a CPU that's compatible with that motherboard. Everything else SHOULD be compatible if not the only thing that won't be is ram and that's because there are two types that people use today (DDR3, DDR4). If you get a GPU that is somewhat relevant today then it should work with pretty much any relevant motherboard nowadays. Building a PC is like putting legos together, it's easy claps, just whatever you do when you build it, ground yourself or you'll end up making a $1500 dollar mistake like me and shock the entire PC and pretty much blow everything. No pressure though
  3. you actually save a lot of money building the pc yourself but ok i can tell your uneducated in this department
  4. tyler


    welcome to retirement bud, sad to see the yung god go but when its time, its time right? hopefully in future i can still clap you in the upcoming CODs
  5. lmao @ the sgt picks

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    2. tacosmell


      idk why it is so funny to me. prob that wack profile pic

    3. zoomzooooooom
    4. maxg


      i fuck with them

  6. so is this situation some out-of-season april fools joke? :)

    1. Pledge


      Diablo fan?

    2. tyler
    3. Strikke


      More a Path of Exile fan but Diablo is alright i guess :P 

  7. 3rd oldest rs account i own D:


    arma isnt the only game i spend too much time on

    1. RDyer216


      I first logged into RS in February of 2001.  Man those were the days.

    2. RDyer216
  8. if heaven is real what language do they speak up there?

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    2. gaz



    3. Strikke


       أنا أفضل حشيش @Hadi Mokdad

    4. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad


      أنت ضعيف. الكوكايين قوي جدا بالنسبة لك
  9. I low you all talk talk like all the people that been these she the beginning to end like ral you alone 

  10. trna hide from the camera i aint gon outside todayh 

    1. Ømar


      Understandable bb

    2. Drama



    3. Gregbot


      Y'all are fags


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