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  1. Selling Money on that salvation Gaming server $1 a mil i have 100 mil :)

  2. Start a donation goal to buy a server for a month with ddos protections I bet it will fill up, then after gang wars if Olympus rust is actually going to come back run Olympus rust on it and kill two birds with one stone.
  3. Ok cops being allowed to go on cartel island and sit a click up in a humming bird and snipe down on the people fighting needs to be changed.

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    2. draMa


      We need @Virus back on the force. He would thrive in today’s APD. Slinging hatchbacks with the ghost hawk and start spraying the war zone :Kappa:

    3. DeadPool


      it is pure cancer tbh

      imo it likes the APD needs an air force just like we needed a altis coast guard if they are really sitting like 1km up and sniping 

    4. Airborne


      14 minutes ago, DeadPool said:

      it is pure cancer tbh

      imo it likes the APD needs an air force just like we needed a altis coast guard if they are really sitting like 1km up and sniping 

      I think there’s a clear difference between the two. The airforce actually serves a purpose in fighting criminals where as the coast guards chased invisible pirates for hours.

  4. Anyone else having the issue when joining the server you just get stuck at the map screen and never get into the server. Anyone know of a solution. (And yes I have tried restarting Arma and Verifying local files multiple times).

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    2. GhostFace


      if you have a squad xml. delete it then rejoin. worked for most MC buds last night

    3. Piner


      It seems to happen more and more frequently recently. Game cache verification, deleting the mission file and using the performance binary from dwarden seen to have no effect on it.  Nothing obvious in the client log either.

    4. Matt The Savage
  5. I just recently noticed my ram being used at a crazy high % when i literally have no games/programs running. Has anyone ever had this problem/ know the solution?? I will pay Olympus money if someone can fix it for me/or show me how to fix it.


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    2. TheCmdrRex


      Had an issue like this when I first got my pc. It ended up being fucked due to Killer Network Manager. If you use Ethernet I would honestly just uninstall it. If not, make sure your wireless stuff is updated :D 

    3. dannyfrog87


      its probably chrome sure it says 0% but chrome is intensive on ram really greedy close that should solve it when i run arma i shut chrome because it eats like 7 gig out of 12 lol

    4. Poseidon


      Do a fresh install of windows if you're not lazy. I've had the issue in the past where windows would just eat up all my ram but not tell me about it.

  6. who is the new owner?
  7. I got my PC back yesterday, and it hasn't been turned on for 3 months besides now. My memory is always at 90-100% and my computer is slow as shit even with minimal programs running... does anyone know how to fix this??


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    2. Matt The Savage
    3. Gibbs


      https://gyazo.com/d0cb57ae740c0d2117ad561b4ec7b35a  Check to make sure you are still running 16 Gigs

      Edit: I would still check to make sure its seated fully if you have moved it. NEVER Stick your hands in your case until you ground yourself of a piece of metal, that isn't a part of your case. Make sure to unplug it as well because you can give a small static shock that can ruin your parts.

      Edited by Gibbs
    4. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      Ok thanks, one of the rams did pop out when i got my pc and i put it back in, but i don't think i put it in the original slot. So ill try putting it back in the first slot @Main

  8. 3 rip is the only one that actually looks like a normal human being in this picture...
  9. he plays rust now and he goes by the name X
  10. T-shirt with KKK on it
  11. No.
  12. Have no fear Regiciiiiiiiiide is here!! Gang life will be alive once again. 




    just let us make some money first ;)

  13. Do the servers max out at all? or is it completely dead

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    2. Isaac Newton

      Isaac Newton

      Yeah Poseidon will probably unlock Server 3 24/7 once we get a real busy time (like Summer) again. Usually every summer is like that and it's awesome!

    3. Rusty


      7 hours ago, Orgondo said:

      Max on weekends, high 90s weekdays at good times. However the gang/cartel aspect of the server is dead, the 90 people on are rascals named Michael that run copper

      Careful for that guy named michael, he will rdm you on sight :)

    4. McDili


      The WoW servers are maxed at pretty much 100% of the time all the time.

  14. Home for the weekend from college (thanks to irma) got on to blow my money and break some rules and my donor perks are gone? WTF happen to them?

    1. Poseidon


      bohemia / cry babies. someone complained to them, o well


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