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  1. I have never had anyone tell me to kill my self more than him. RIP
  2. @BumbaClat Happy Birthday Grease Hawk!

  3. Is anyone experienced with Python that can help me out. Im having trouble running a script. It is saying there is no such file even though it is right there. https://i.gyazo.com/ec3eb85b19461f982cc3f3085c859996.png

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    2. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      @Lucki 95% positive they are a .py file, is there a way to show the file type?

    3. Dominick Ramos

      Dominick Ramos

      3 hours ago, Matt The Savage said:

      @Lucki 95% positive they are a .py file, is there a way to show the file type?


    4. Lucki


      You could also just right click and select properties.

  4. Honestly i don't see the point of perming people unless they are hacking. It should be their ban gets longer and longer each time they get banned. And if they do something really bad ban them for a month or two.

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    2. Dαnte


      You’re obviously not understanding dog. Someone can put in 1.5k hours in cartels but then be a “career cop” now and you want to void their experience because they are now a career cop. There are only a few “career cops” who actually don’t have good civ hours. 

    3. Heathen


      I understood fine. You are trying to draw a line i didn't. I made a broad statement, and your drawing lines of different details, in that comment which i didn't state.

      And the ones i aimed that at, we're the "few". 

    4. Dαnte


      Those few don’t usually voice opinions though. Which is why I felt the need to speak up here. 

  5. My PC has a problem that when I open up a program and my ram % will go up, which is usual, but when i close the program the ram usage stays at the same percentage like its still open. This happens until it just gets to 100% from me opening like chrome or different steam games. So i constantly have to restart my computer for my ram to go back down to 0 and try not to open any thing besides what ever game i'm playing and Ts. I have tried everything to fix it. Should i just factory reset my PC??

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    2. Alek


      most likely a memory leak try and google some solutions, best bet would be new ram


      this video does a good job of explaining it

    3. DeadVCR


      Install Gentoo

    4. Matt The Savage
  6. That's what i thought pussy boi
  7. Do to the fact that she is above 18 i don't think she is your type
  8. Don't make me flame you pls
  9. chill out, heffer
  10. If you are poor why are you wasting your money on cigarettes
  11. So why is the Olympus rust map the size of Rustafied main 

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    2. Orgondo


      @Matt The Savage making you a mod would do nothing you mongoloid. You don't have access to any files

    3. lou25000


      matt ur sisters hot

    4. McDili


      Not as hot as Oskarr's sister ;D

  12. woooooooooooooooooow
  13. See you around you little cancer fuck <3
  14. So is Olympus rust coming out this Thursday or????????????????

  15. I fall apart by Post Malone is a great fucking song

    1. Grenade65


      It's even better when you play it over global chat while on a cqc server.

    2. Aunt Jemima

      Aunt Jemima

      perfect cqc song


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