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  1. If anyone plans on going to complex con and does not have a ticket yet, i'm selling a 2 day pass for the low. I was testing out some software and accidentally copped one

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    2. JuanDeaged


      What bot you have?

    3. Matt The Savage
    4. JuanDeaged


      3.0 is fire apparently im still looking for AIO bot but I have adept supreme

  2. Matt The Savage

    why do you have your gang tag in your forum name?
  3. The Blue Dot is me... Its been fun gents, about to die in this cat 4 hurricane 


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    2. Airborne
    3. Kardes


      can i have your arma money

    4. Walsh Weep

      Walsh Weep

      3 hours ago, Kardes said:

      can i have your arma money

      this guy lmao

  4. School just got canceled for a week and apparently i'm about to get smashed by a hurricane

  5. Does anyone know why khabib wears that blonde afro on his head? I don't get it

    1. Arigato


      it's some kind of russian hat or some shit

  6. Matt The Savage

    I think one of the flaws with the past gang wars is that you allow too many bull shit gangs that are not legitimate gangs fight. They are pretty much made up of every gangs bench. You should only allow the active gangs to fight. An example is career cops, the pope and his kids, mango republic, and all those other gangs with the funny edgy names that aren't legit gangs. I'll compare this to college basketball. I don't keep up with college basket ball anymore but in 2016 the running joke was, Kentucky is #1 and Kentucky's bench is #2 in the championship. If the NCAA followed olympus gang wars rules kentucy's bench would be their own "team" and destroy everyone and if they do end up playing against their actual team they just throw they game. an example is in that one gang wars when I was actually in TI but fighting for regicide and i dome pieced phizx in the head lul. IDK if this makes any sense i am fucking so high i'm on planet mars ahahahah elon musk can suck my dick i made it first.
  7. Matt The Savage

    am i wrong?
  8. Matt The Savage

    nah just not trying to have a @Sociopathic 2.0
  9. Matt The Savage

    lol don't play dumb 1. Peter went in there and told him this whole community was out to troll him, he realized this, he should know this. Peter even told him that he's feeding this type of behavior by allowing these types of things and making an opening for it. this is literally you trying to justify bullying him, by saying "peter told him we are just trolls and he is feeding the trolls". just grow up, be a man, and leave the guy alone and let him enjoy his stream
  10. Matt The Savage

    Only if you want to lose.. There is a difference between trolling/banter and being malicious. He literally said "totally ruined everything pure and fun about the stream". He is clearly not taking it with a grain of salt. You are literally coming up with excuses in an attempt to justify bullying this guy. thats honestly kinda sad.
  11. Matt The Savage

    The Great Khan is a bitch.
  12. Matt The Savage

    "totally ruined everything pure and fun about the stream" I've literally seen at least 8 kids go into that guys stream and just scream nigger. If anyone did that in peter longs stream to the extent that all of you are doing it he would be handing out perms. I was in a ts channel of probably 30 people and they were being malicious af there was no banter aspect to what they were doing. yea and is seems like this guy is about to off himself because of you guys too. Do me a favor and tell your parents what you say to this guy, if they approve then by all means go for it doesn't make it acceptable
  13. Matt The Savage

    lol who raised you? Does talking shit to this guy and ruining his night make you feel better on the inside? grow the fuck up bro, its all fun and games until this guy hangs himself or does something stupid because of your actions
  14. does Olympus have a that club system still? I want to start a club

    1. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Functionality is still there but since it was only used for the first couple of days it was introduced it was disabled.

    2. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      Can you make it so I can make a weed club so everyone that smokes in the community could post pics of what the they are smoking. I feel like it would bring certain people in the community together :) 

      @Grandma Gary

    3. hawk


      9 minutes ago, Matt The Savage said:

      a weed club



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