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  1. I want to welcoming all the Asylum rats. KeK Seriously tho See you in game.
  2. rip
  3. Olympus is 64 bit
  4. It is not how many times you get knocked down. It is how many times you get back up. Sad day sry. Feelsbadman

    Congratulations @Pledge, @Winters, And @Trimorphious

    1. Pledge


      Thanks man. You have the right attitude, just stick with it.

    2. Trimorphious


      I had that attitude for a long time. Don't give up. 

  5. Your mad i see, but no there is more you post it. What a meme Great shot Luke
  6. Congratulations Midnight on LT

  7. What i have been doing is if an officer is tazed and restrained. You act like he is not there. At redzones (Meaning active J/Bw/fes). @G.O.A.T.
  8. Ill start donating 50 bucks a month for third server. Plz It took me 20mins to join the server the other night Lets make this a bigger and better server than the rats plays on. You know what im talking about.(should not be named)
  9. @Peter Long
  10. Live every second like it's your last. Life is short my friends.

    1. Nikoteen


      Thank for the update.

  11. Who cares=0
  12. Happy bday trimo

  13. I heard you made corps into bees. Is that true?
  14. Vermin? Another gun to cry about great.