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  1. Edge

    i failed at 1am Nov 1st sooo
  2. https://gyazo.com/6a6e36d5415e90069183d9a55796dc14 

    Brought some hawks. Awwww

    Try shooting 10 down

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    2. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      We look forward to stealing them from you. -TI

    3. Dante


      44 minutes ago, Matt The Savage said:

      We look forward to stealing them from you. -TI

      The last time TI stole my hawk they made it to the gas station then blew up tho 

    4. Elements.


      you have a cop device <><><><>

  3. Edge

    o7 Buddy will be missed
  4. Edge

    Thank you @Doc and @Grandma Gary.
  5. Edge

    Lol that was me. Got to show force when force is needed
  6. Edge

    Just let you guys know there's 100% a chance that cops will never have an nlr apply to them. Another thing it is our duty to find conflict and confrontation so that makes us die sometimes within an hour 10 times.
  7. Edge

    @Silton you have to be cop to understand. Fuck I lost like 8mil this week If I didn't search a house for 4 mil I'd be broke right now
  8. Happy birthday @Grego

    1. Grego


      Thanks drunk boy

  9. Ty to everyone that congratulated me. 

    1. HunterBklyn


      congrats btw 

  10. i can't pick a song to hard. LOL

    1. Kyle Lake

      Kyle Lake

      Chose a song like mine xd


    2. Dante


      You can always change it too. 

  11. @Jesse Loving the forum song. You guys keep working hard. :wub:

  12. September Goal what could it be @Jesse?


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