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  1. you dupe you get permed. cya
  2. not the bungalows pat. those are timeless
  3. northern tip of vancouver on a fishing trip www.ithoughtyouweredecimussoiwasgonnatypefarmersonly.com
  4. I am driving to Canada this summer do I need a passport? Or will my drivers licence and birth certificate get me in and out.
  5. @Heinz Gormittz Made a real life stock market where there are thousands and thousands of real stock and filters that you can invest in through him. it is really in depth and more people should check it out. Also if you were to put a stock market in game let's say you wanted to short sell mushrooms. All you and your gang would have to do is sell all your mushrooms driving the market price down. And you make infinite money just by short selling and driving the market down. To much control over the markets. But check out Heinzs' real stock market it's great!
  6. Coming from a little boy using terrible and improper grammar.
  7. still manually using redgull lmao
  8. someone's just mad the players organize better events than the moderators:,)
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