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  1. ChubbyElf

    Money gone
  2. ChubbyElf

    I'm quitting ARMA and gaming in general. Funniest joke in the comments gets my money (might split between multiple people)
  3. ChubbyElf


    Thanks for being nice to me Drama
  4. ChubbyElf

  5. ChubbyElf

    Do you put any product in your hair to get it like that?
  6. ChubbyElf

    OK Google where's the nearest barber
  7. ChubbyElf

    Had this type of haircut for a few years, but it's getting too messy on the sides / back. Hit me with any recommendations / roasts
  8. ChubbyElf

    2. Source: my name
  9. ChubbyElf

    Thank you Kanye, very cool!
  10. ChubbyElf

    Damn I didn't know you were Chris' personal secretary
  11. ChubbyElf

  12. somebody is cranky...


  13. ChubbyElf

  14. ChubbyElf

    ya just keep changing your name so people don't catch on that you're shit at the game
  15. ChubbyElf


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