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  1. ChubbyElf

    tazer en route
  2. ChubbyElf

  3. ChubbyElf

    5 mil
  4. ChubbyElf

  5. ChubbyElf

    SQF is Arma's code it may or may not be similar to what you've used The basics are the same
  6. ChubbyElf

    Just illegal vehicles like Ifrit, Hunter, Strider I don't think Taru (Bench) or Blackfish can be re-keyed even though they are illegal
  7. ChubbyElf

    Offline not one hour after posting smh
  8. ChubbyElf

    How much for DMS
  9. ChubbyElf

  10. ChubbyElf

    I'm selling the 4 crater pm me
  11. ChubbyElf

    I'm selling 1100 warpoints cheap cheap pm me
  12. Why you downvote nearly every post you look at?

    1. ChubbyElf


      Nibbas be posting stupid shit

  13. ChubbyElf


    Cya retard
  14. ChubbyElf

    Peace bish
  15. ChubbyElf

    smh OS always trying to keep black men down

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