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  1. o7 Hylos I know we don't talk anymore but back in the day it was super fun to play with you and you were always one of the homies @Hylos

  2. I'm noticing a trend of retarded and biased staff from not knowing how to spell a name to being biased on bans 

    1. Hoonter


      Yeah m8 srry nothing new

    2. ThatNerdyGuy


      Can't misspell names if you just copy paste them.

  3. Vcx


    Can we just add pokimon onto the server so I can just use my nigga Charizard on cap
  4. Off the forums you Minecraft looking soccer ball
  5. I don't even play Arma anymore and I can still see staff be acting up sometimes for no reason 

  6. wow didn't even @ me you stupid sofia warrior
  7. Vcx


    Imagine getting scammed
  8. @Ryan sooo when can i sell my shed
  9. Guess I'll come back for this
  10. Forget fee @Jerrod And @rennn free @Tism

  11. If you don't free [Prae] Dripp from the forums ima have to do it to you

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