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  1. You must be stupid if you thought he was unbanned on the servers . Your head is shaped like your monitor and your flab hits people when you try going for high-fives
  2. The first time I hop on Arma in a while to fight I get kills and win cap just to get hit off guess that's just how it is these days maining R6 is just the move then. 

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    2. Toasty


      @Vac. maybe you’re just getting hit off by Kavala scats reeee

    3. Vcx


      @Toasty I mean they all have to evolve sometime 

    4. Jerrod
  3. Damn I knew the moment when I saw Google hop on Arma 3 I should've yelled at Ryan smh smh smh
  4. This man's actually got ran off the server lol
  5. The DB scat days were the real fun ones with Ming
  6. Why does DOC still have staff hes had staff forever
  7. What kind of cartel event will it be? because a lot of the ones trying to have been hosted were terrible.
  8. I am a shit mod too?
  9. So like uhhh when is the Bad Blood crew coming back miss you lots :wub:

  10. dont take it down forever otherwise we have to sell gang shed and houses
  11. Uhhh lemme sell my stuff on sever 3 then
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