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  1. Imagine making a post and it backfires on you and you start losing your precious E-Rep so you start saying it was a joke 

  2. @Truthy How does not being able to quit arma 3 feel still got 250 hours in the past 2 weeks even when game banned 

    1. thomaslorddd
    2. Baka


      @thomaslorddd how did you know i tried using a jersey vpn didnt work tho

    3. thomaslorddd
  3. So did the source of people being speds come from the SAPD or just obesity?

  4. Shut up communist don't talk to zahzi like that
  5. Bruh idk why battle eye would ban their most paying employees they clocked in the most hours recently sad they can't clock in for their 24 hour arma job anymore 

  6. @Truthy now how are you going to get almost 2x my hours and 2x everyone's hours on each server 

    1. Truthy


      Squinty eyed freak go eat rice

    2. Vcx


      Truthy how else are you going to clock into your 24 hour arma job?

  7. I guess I wasn't wrong sad that they still got shit on all the time zzz not surprised have fun ban evading 

  8. Hey guys let's host an Olympus praying session hosted by @Jerrod he can send the times but hope to see you all there! He will cleanse your souls and let you learn to forgive! I know @Masoooooooooon will be there

    1. Jerrod


      I cannot cleanse anyone's soul. I can only lead them to the Man that can, Jesus.

    2. Masoooooooooon


      Unfortunately Jerrod has advised i have committed the unforgivable Sin so i cannot be attending.

    3. Jerrod


      I am not even hosting a prayer meeting so you guys can just ignore these two guys having fun picking at me trying to spread love. There is clearly a nerve or truth that I have struck in you guys, because look how you are acting.

  9. @Masoooooooooon I expect nothing less

  10. @Parker R I love you very much but you are going to get smacked in MC just like in arma https://gyazo.com/43b1fcaae44ba8c12989bb2cae2a0ac9

  11. @Phizx happy birthday bro you're a real one

  12. @last u da homie homes love you

  13. @E Dog how you going to have 500 hours on CQC and still be trash 

    1. Monks


      @E Dog is top dog frit ripper

  14. Vcx


    love you @vedalkenn always been the boy for years and hope you continue to be my friend thanks for the good times
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