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  1. I still see this shit server doesn't know how to run events what a joke happens every year every gang wars lets make rules just so we can bend them ! surprise anyone still plays this shit couldn't even ban blatant cheaters had to wait for them to get globaled and kill the server before doing anything glad I left this shit hole

  2. I see the server hasn't changed same cringe AU kids that complain about a NA server doing NA things when they fight as if arma is already their life so time wouldn't matter anyways smh
  3. I think either 2 things with 5k points so it doesn't drag out or just 7k points to where its just long enough but not too long where everyone bitches at you on the forums right after
  4. You get my unconditional love and friendship
  5. it as like that for me now its just s1 don't know whats wrong with it either just happened yesterday
  6. I've been having the problem only with Oly 1, I can see Oly 2 and Oly 3 but it won't show Oly 1 even under friends or any server
  7. I'm the real -s- Greed

  8. @grooovy go to the casino it's your lucky day 

  9. I think the same way about everything coming full circle, sometimes it just takes a while before we see it
  10. Not going to lie I didn't think you were the best mod or the worst but definitely not the best. But you put more work into this server than @Ryandoes when he's on his jewish vacations and STATS tests and for that I have the most respect for you showing that you actually care and love this community and continue to show that more often than the certain admins we have now just because there is a hole to fill in that aspect and they just have it. If you did fuck up a ban you would fix it within that day or even an hour you were on top of things and I know most mods would do that but if you were to become admin I know you would continue that. So whatever is next for you I hope for you to have good luck with it and chill with the grind you're working hard maybe too hard for something that doesn't equally put out for you. @Noahhh! Refresh to see the whole fucking this I was typing half way through and that shit submitted it
  11. Yeah and there is a reason every socialist's country has a shit GDP compared to America

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