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  1. CONTRIBUTOR MASOOON WOOO lawlers on top 

    1. Masoooooooooon


      Ty Man first move is to make all character models have mullets.

  2. halp m5 is blowing up s1

    1. nomadox


      It’s 4th of July let the people celebrate 

    2. Vcx


      I just got home from celebrating ;-;

    3. nomadox



  3. Happy 4th hope everyone has a good time and stays safe

  4. Vcx


    They added teamplayers in there cuz I walked onto cap wiped them then blew their frit up fans smh toxic
  5. Thanks for the work you guys put into the server
  6. Vcx


    You're all brain dead
  7. I just finish fighting come on the forums then i see this post and I think back to the fights 5 mins ago remembering Aussie kids spamming the n word in gang chat and saying kys
  8. 76561198091846088
  9. @Headless for admin

  10. I wonder who o7's and changes their name and then continues to play everyday

    1. Show previous comments  39 more
    2. Greezy Gabe

      Greezy Gabe

      you will kill Ur self if this game dies you degenerate lol imagine going to college just to drop out cause you cant afford the classes bum @Millennium and hmu when you want to hop on vid and compare life's you bum ill hook you up with a job to you peasant 

    3. Millennium


      @Greezy Gabe This game is already dead and I haven't offed myself yet. You don't know if I will drop out of college or not and you don't know if I can afford classes or not. Sure you may live a more luxurious life because you sell drugs to 15 y/o's meanwhile I'm 18 and going to college. I wouldn't want a job from you, seeing your big bands video makes me lose braincells. I don't know how you could possible run a business, its probably a very poorly made business or maybe a drug front for someone else.

    4. Creepy


      Alright, this has gotten boring.

  11. Server is being hit again noice

  12. @Ryan we gotchu homie stay up

  13. @Ryan upgrade the servers so when people hit it, it wont go crazy 

    1. JuanDeaged


      dono goal below 50% how he gonna pay for better servers

    2. Vcx


      @JuanDeaged He can afford it he has said so he just doesn't want to move the servers for sum dumb reason even though we can help him wiht that shit

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