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  1. Happy Birthday @PJ228

    1. PJ228


      And they say S R&R have no souls. Thanks though brother.

  2. Slumberjack

    I guess it took me 9 days to notice it...
  3. Slumberjack

    Who are you and what have you done with @RDYer or whoever that was?
  4. Slumberjack

    Take a gander through this ^^
  5. Slumberjack

    If no-one denies DB, and they are in control of a situation and are denying other players aside from them, then you can just pick up whomever you are permitted to. In the example below you could deny the area of conflict. This may help, or might just confuse things more but I've already committed to writing (example without APD)... Gang [lettuce] is fighting gang [wet lettuce] at the legal lettuce processing plantTM. A few people are dead on both sides of the lettuce war. If both sides decide to start issuing denials for the other, and you (as a medic) feel that your life is endangered no matter how you proceed, then you are perfectly entitled to deny requests within the dangerous conflict area and then retreat to safety. (Note this is not gang-specific but rather area specific i.e. the processing plant) ** This is a specific situation please consult handbook procedure for variations. You have to use common sense though, and no one rule can suffice all denial situations. Bottom line is don't discriminate against entire gangs, even [wet lettuce]; provide as much SAFE medical assistance as you can; but above all VALUE your life. We are a medical faction, not samurai medics, not fairy god parents. At the end of the day we want all our medics coming home to a warm house and a steaming dinner. Don't let [wet lettuce] ruin your day by getting on their damp side.
  6. Happy 7/10 to all! 

  7. @Coffee leaving the staff meeting tonight: giphy-downsized-large.gifCongrats homie :D 

  8. Slumberjack

    "You'll probably be seeing this in a forum post" -- only took a year to find this thread
  9. Happy 4th, especially to all the IRL first responders/ police/ military and veterans in our community! Stay safe tonight!


    1. Danger


      Thanks pal, you too!

  10. Slumberjack

  11. o7 @LukeTheSup it was a great run... good luck in the future!


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