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  1. @Proud glad to see you made corporal! Congratulations!

  2. congrats @JakeyPoo! Well deserved ;) 

  3. Happy Birthday @Kyle Lake hope it's a good one! :) 

  4. If you like Lil Peep's sound, check this out.


    1. Evann


      wtf this is weird

  5. Slumberjack

  6. Slumberjack

    I miss the Malden County Sheriff's Dept.

    @LukeTheSup could have written a better ending.



  8. Slumberjack

    I am poor as all hell. Betting ruined me. Nothing to give I'm afraid...
  9. Congratulations @Dr Bambino

    1. Dr Bambino

      Dr Bambino

      Thanks man! I appreciate the support!

  10. Slumberjack

    o7 Lincoln I'll miss your R&R homilies...
  11. It's not new, but this put a large smile on my face...



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    2. Nex is on route

      Nex is on route

      I can access the Olympus site on the chromebooks at school, but no youtube. Theres a security thing called Iboss

    3. LukeTheSup


      Have you tried a online VPN?

    4. Nex is on route

      Nex is on route

      I haven't, I will try though.

  12. Hbd @Fusionz!

    1. Nex is on route

      Nex is on route

      Not even typing it all out, means you dont actually wish him a happy birthday, smh... 

      Happy day of birth my guy @Fusionz

    2. Fusionz


      Lol thanks guys 


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