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  1. Hot damn Corps a mod? That's awesome bro congratulations!

  2. These new forum titles got me laughing good idea :lol:

  3. Happy Birthday @Bralls !

    1. Bralls


      Yo, thanks bro I appreciate it.

  4. Slumberjack

    What Claysive said
  5. What is the move at Chick fil a

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    2. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      no fucking way literally the best fast food. you need to try it @Ignis

    3. Ignis



      closest one :(

    4. Panda :)

      Panda :)

      Chick fil a caters to my high school football games I usually get a spicy chicken sandwich large order of waffle frys and lemonade.

  6. Spending the last 5 hours finding out the probability that a certain fruit is correlated to an initial fruit purchase from 3,000,000 different online shopping lists.

    Is this my life now?

    I'm drowning in Large Lemons.

    1. Pool Boy

      Pool Boy


  7. Slumberjack

    I see no problem here...
  8. I love stats

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    2. Slumberjack


      @Rossco  0s and 1s! They make the world turn...

    3. Millennium


      1 hour ago, Slumberjack said:

      @Rossco  0s and 1s! They make the world turn...

      I can make the world turn just give me 5 minutes in the bathroom ;)

    4. Slumberjack
  9. Slumberjack

    hmmmmmm I hope this isn't some negative hype thread...
  10. Slumberjack

    Well tbh I'm actually pretty excited for the future here!
  11. congrats @Pinkstreak! straight outta retirement haha

    1. Pinkstreak


      <3 thank you!

  12. Slumberjack

    Man that made my day
  13. Slumberjack


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