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  1. The most prestigious Corporal to ever exist congrats @Millennium good looks ;) 

  2. Slumberjack

    o7 Peter Always enjoyed your streams I hope everything works out for you... thanks for keeping Olympus thriving these past years.
  3. This song is powerful as fuck. Shedding tears over here...


    1. Ømar


      Oh I watched this last night. I can confirm its pretty powerful 

  4. Slumberjack

    Much love to you bro. I wish you all the best in your future and hope you still drop in the ts every now and again. Glad I joined that discord all those months ago... you have a character I respect.
  5. Slumberjack

    Move of the century... hot damn...
  6. So... uhm... ya boi forgot to press submit on my last CS project. Just left it in Limbo. 40 hours of coding for 0/100 lets get it.




    Might be free of a commitment pretty soon. I am dangerously sober at the moment.

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    2. GuardiaN


      dude that sucks. just be honest w your professor/teacher. They will understand unless you are historically a knuckle head.

    3. destruct


      Check if it was uploaded or something and you just didn't hit submit? If it was already uploaded and they can see an upload date it might help.

    4. Slumberjack


      Thanks for the feedback fellas :wub:

      I took a gyazo (lol) of my original partial submission and sent that over to his email. I'll be meeting with him one-on-one to explain what happened in more detail... :unsure:

      This is a class in which a file misname will earn you a zero on the project. A typo will earn you a zero. A fucking coffee stain on the write up could blow up the earth apparently. TALKING ABOUT CONCEPTS DISCUSSED IN THE CLASS WITH OTHER STUDENTS WILL EARN YOU AN F.

      Just rubs me the wrong way. Real way to turn people off the major from one overly-complicated class.


      Until then, I am working on the next project that is due Sunday night-- hopefully this time I don't forget to click the fucking brown box of doom.


  7. Slumberjack

    What hawk said. Server would be endangered if it supported these types of transactions. That being said, if you need some easy money-- R&R is always looking for new "talent"! (Link below)
  8. Slumberjack

    cruising down a lonely road son shining push on that pedal
  9. Slumberjack

  10. I'm looking for some quality infrared (affordable) surveillance cameras to install in my driveway-- ideally one that I could remotely access it.

    Any suggestions?

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    2. Slumberjack


      thanks fellas-- I'll look into nest.

      No comment @Millennium @Fusionz

    3. BananaHammock


      @Slumberjack I would suggest Amcrest https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0751TTDHD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

      I have one and they're amazing.

      You can use just the standalone software with the cameras, but for a better UI it's recommended to get an NVR.


      BTW, this is a WIRED camera (Ethernet) which is compatible with PoE (Power over Ethernet)
      Once you get it up and running on your network, you'll be able to access them remotely.


      Hope this helps!

    4. Strikke


      8 hours ago, Drippp said:

      I use nest, it has a doorbell that can notify you with a live feed when it detects movement or people ringing your doorbell. Depending on where your driveway is compared to your front door you may be able to see your driveway since it’s 4:3 resolution.

      Nest is way to overprices, just buy some decent IP cameras and set it all up yourself. There are open source free software that gives you the same functionality without having to pay extra for a "brand" and pay a subscription along side their stupid overprices cameras.

  11. @Lincoln Williams Happy Birthday!

    1. Lincoln Williams

      Lincoln Williams

      Thank you sir..... save me some munchies 

    2. Slumberjack
  12. Slumberjack

    I'm into chill shit: or you could switch it up w/ some darker stuff:
  13. Slumberjack

    All green everyday

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