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  1. Crunchedd

    everythings a joke if it doesnt happen to you
  2. t o x i c

  3. Crunchedd

    changed my name https://www.twitch.tv/crunchedd_
  4. https://www.twitch.tv/cruncheddd  toxic arma player slays fortnite

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    2. MrBoonie


      You have been here since 2014 have 1 follower and negative rep.... I don't want to sit at your table.

    3. Crunchedd


      not gonna have a dick measuring contest with some shitter lata boi

    4. MrBoonie


      Aight, just fucking around Btws peace

  5. Crunchedd

  6. Crunchedd

    as it stand u can switch from rebel to vigi whilst wanted which means and y gang can have huge ass bounties and just switch to vigi u at their will i think if you have to not be wanted to buy the license itll cut down on the vigi shitlords
  7. Crunchedd

    people need to not be wanted to switch from rebel make vigi loadouts more expensive
  8. I love your montages xoxo <3

    1. Crunchedd


      someone ban this kid @Dante

  9. Crunchedd

    lena is thick sommer is thiccccc
  10. Happy bday you filthy syrian

  11. Happy bday @Skrood you fucking paycheck jew

  12. Crunchedd

    can we get some insight as to what his ban is now im curious
  13. Crunchedd

    im crying
  14. Crunchedd

    worst hosting ever our game started 4v3 then went on to a 5v4
  15. google for staff (just fucking kidding)

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