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  1. WAIT THE REAL Prime | Vision ?
  2. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHAHAHA like nibba how are you even banned on the server HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA like just LOG in


  3. good math much wow
  4. sir can u sign my monitor 

  5. @rabid
  6. Can you sign my mouse pad ? :wub:

    1. Jazzy


      yeah just link me 9.99 paypal fam 

  7. Are normal fatigues ever gonna be added ? like ones that aren't Tanoa looking 

  8. Better not have an opinion or you just get permed XD
  9. New cartel locations !!! And or make cartels more rewarding to in courage smaller gangs to fight more often.
  10. @TheRandomOne I remember you did this to me we talked in direct for a bit, you wouldn't come out so i just took your boat and left XD
  11. Prison break is really good and Game of thrones is amazing is you haven't seen it

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