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  1. Status updates are strictly for Dante to beg for pc parts because he cant feed his child plz do not spam status updates 

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    2. Dante


      I mean if he is gonna fulfill the uneducated meme, he could at least go with either A.) he bought a phone instead (the trendy way) or B.) Has a kid to feed therefore cannot buy computer parts (the actual thing I said). I’ll give your meme a D+. 

    3. Jazzy


      man bans me then reply's to my status drink bleach retard 

    4. Dante


      Mfw I wasn’t the one to ban you :hmm:

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    2. Kamikaze



    3. Panda :)

      Panda :)

      He just seems like a all around better player don't know what to tell you just out played :Kappa:

    4. mon5t3r


      that looks like Ninja!

    1. Jesse


      Flood control on searches. Searches can be very taxing.

  2. https://gyazo.com/4324f14f9d611b83901ce2ef0660adfa 

    Can someone help me plz ever since i got a new gpu sony vegas wont work idk if its just awkward timing or what 

    1. DeadPooL


      hmu on ts ill send you a good version of sony


    2. Excision


      it knows ur trying to upload another dog shit Arma/Fortnite montage that's red.

  3. Selling ow account 3k - 4500 pretty much every season hmu 

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    2. Prime


      $5.01 final offer 

    3. Luke Duke

      Luke Duke

      @McDili    Because overwatch was the most over hyped game of the decade

    4. Jazzy


      5 hours ago, McDili said:

      Why on earth would anyone want to buy an overwatch account.

      ur not even a jake pauler stfu 

  4. Jazzy

    free the boys
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    2. Apathy



      Arma is still popping but olympus has sort of slowed down. The only thing that is really worth getting on for are federal events. Im sure olympus will come alive once summer hits.

    3. RogueMK


      fake news!

    4. Snare


      @Lynxie I agree fights always pop off during the summer. But idk if I will play just because cs has me so much more interested rn.

  5. happy b day

  6. Jazzy

    WAIT THE REAL Prime | Vision ?
  7. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHAHAHA like nibba how are you even banned on the server HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA like just LOG in


  8. Jazzy

    good math much wow
  9. Eazy

    sir can u sign my monitor 

  10. Jazzy

  11. Can you sign my mouse pad ? :wub:

    1. Jazzy


      yeah just link me 9.99 paypal fam 

  12. Are normal fatigues ever gonna be added ? like ones that aren't Tanoa looking 


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