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  1. Only argument that can be made here is that stings are nuts in cqc and dome is pretty cqc
  2. stop going to the casino
  3. take your steam off private then pussy
  4. So when others mess up and make a mistake they need to be punished but when you break rules everyone is just mad cause bad right? Your gang is down bad man, you all clowned yourselves the second you made this post
  5. if you came out from your rock and played your own server you admin for you'd realize how retarded this sounds
  6. I will buy a mar 10 lethal and dms for 5m
  7. Offer in the comments
  8. Leave offers in my pm or on here
  9. Pm me screenshots of the garage on map and the price for it.
  10. Pm me screenshots of the house on the map and in game plus price for it.

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