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  1. Sounds like a you problem you managed to put 12 players on a team after making a 15 man roster
  2. if that doesn't work get rid of your parameters^
  3. Check your steam profile, if you have any vac bans or game bans within the last 210 days you will be banned, oh and also if you are a shitter It was a prank now unban me
  4. That is very unfortunate for me
  5. Perming me because of my opinion on one of the latest olympus additions
  6. Once again another shitty addition to olympus, to prevent cheaters lets ban everyone who has been vac banned on unturned or any other piece of shit games in the last 210 days!!!
  7. AMD
  8. Who will be the new captain?
  9. First off I'll call you whatever I want kiddo, you kids just farm moonshine all day and don't show at cartels fuck off retard
  10. are you the kid that said cops aren't allowed to search vehicles without traffic violations yep 100% 3.5 mill trying to blow up your shed ROFL
  11. gangs are quitting the server not players. ADD DEFIBS.
  12. 1 mill for it