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  1. Respect is the matter, not fame.
  2. Comon.. people like yall make me sick. He devoted his life to make ours better. Show the man some respect or fuck off please.
  3. Do you think adding a cannopy or some cover would help against air patrols? Do you worry about vehicles from the msr or air vehicles spotting you more?
  4. Anyone playing Sea of Thieves this weekend hmu :) 

    1. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      all of KI is. they have a full ship crew haha

  5. @Asset Peeps will always do it, easiest way to catch the bigger bounties
  6. #MarchGoal'sarespicy

  7. Another stolen streamer name
  8. I think @Perrin got scurred away from all the common sense thrown at him. Rip bud
  9. When your homie finally gets featured :) 



  10. @2:20 best spangle i have seen
  11. Literally every post from you lately is being a dick. Comon
  12. 400k viewers first day back.. and summit/lirik said no one will watch him again.. http://www.twitch.tv/drdisrespectlive

    1. Midnight


      summit also called him a leach which is great

  13. Hacksaw ridge Saving private ryan Blackhawk down Unbroken
  14. I wouldnt even spend 20mil on vest. Log hunting time

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