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  1. RambleR

    3 first aid kits.. lol
  2. What cartel gangs are around these days? Im looking to shoot some fuckers :)

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    2. platinumfire


      just war every single gang and then cartels are everywhere

    3. bdj


      ruby, ti and thats it pretty much. except for random gangs that come once or twice

    4. ryan beck

      ryan beck

      Gang life is ded go vig

  3. @Arigato happy bday my dude!

    1. Arigato


      Thanks man!! Miss you :wub:

  4. Yeet! Finally got the work promotion ive been fighting for the past year! $$$$$$ xD

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    2. Mighty
    3. Peter Long

      Peter Long

      Congrats my dude

    4. Pledge


      Congrats on dep chief. You deserve it.

  5. RambleR

    Its okay, suki has denied me 4 times. Hes a tough cookie
  6. RambleR

    Rook one taps for skat 3+ kills on cops per clip 2+ kills vs civs, never any back shots ^ will result in most likes
  7. When a PO insist's adding "possession of APD equipment" to a civ who has a vigi gun with no licence... i gave up after the first 5 minutes lol!

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    2. Bahamut


      When you get HOSTAGE situation when you ROB a cop

    3. Kevlar


      41 minutes ago, Bahamut said:

      When you get HOSTAGE situation when you ROB a cop

      Anyone taking part in restraining or robbing an APD officer can be charged with hostage situation.:P

    4. Bahamut


      yes but thats only recent AND still retarded. its only in effect because corps and pos got salty.

  8. RambleR

    Lazy stoners = indica Proactive stoners = sativa/hybrid
  9. RambleR

    Top tier read #shittystaff >.<
  10. RambleR

    Zafirs? Count me in! Hehe jk
  11. RambleR

    Ah rip, so much for having a trade section on the forums than. Scam away bois
  12. RambleR

    If you posted on olympus forums via trade, and he scammed you. I would advise putting in a comp/player report my dude.
  13. Oh hi there!

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    2. Corporal Moob

      Corporal Moob

      Call me Daddy and I'll bust for you rn

    3. max^


      50 minutes ago, Corporal Moob said:

      Call me Daddy and I'll bust for you rn


    4. Fake Grandma

      Fake Grandma

      Hi Stonerman3000, miss you <3

  14. RambleR

    Every vigi i see gets engaged down with them all!

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