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  1. RambleR

    Last time i was drunk on arma was gang wars >.< lol Ps. Be prepared to lose alot of money from explosions and death
  2. RambleR

    Dont use your alt for combat situations and your good.. if you die on Joe, dont tab into Bob and kill the guy.. alts can only chauffeur and pick shit essentially
  3. RambleR

    This is why i never banned kids on the weekend.. bans on the weekday no one ever really cared >.<
  4. First time on the server in about a year and first two mins i get RDMd driving around in Africa. How i missed you olympus >.<

    1. djdarkmunk


      get rek nerd <3

    2. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad

      Oh look who it is , sup sup

    3. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      I’d RDM you too. 

  5. RambleR


    @Drama welcome to the club homie First month or two you will probably regret leaving, but trust me.. it it very worth it. HMU if you want MC TS to pop by
  6. RambleR

    #olympus gta servers.. rp on gta will never get old imo
  7. RambleR

    Why.. anyone with a brain will just titan your ass. Titaning a bought ghawk = priceless
  8. Welcome to the retired OG club my friend! 

    1. Drama


      I can’t wait to join the boys some day

    2. iPopsicle


      This is a nice club. The place looks great @RambleRI like what you have done to it. 

  9. RambleR

    True arma 3 OG
  10. RambleR

    Lol i remember baiting cops into searching excisions house. One funny ass loophole
  11. RambleR

    @Peter Long indeed it was
  12. RambleR

    @Connor McGregor
  13. If anyones grinding out some div2 hmu for a clan, looking for 2 more for the bonus clan perks.

    Add RambleRayee or Justragebro

    1. Mighty


      I might be interested. Depends on how many of my friends are going to play.

    2. Bongo Bongo Bongo

      Bongo Bongo Bongo

      I wish I could get it. I was a OP full medical wing lvl 14 in division 1. Nobody could ever beat me... 

  14. Lil throw back with my first gang -exile-


  15. RambleR

    #shitemod who was it?! @Ryan xD

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