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  1. After i stepped away from staff, i logged on 3 weeks later and noticed i still admin menu.. i wish i had some fun with it in good terms ofc @Ryan xD
  2. How the fk do i delete my profile?

    1. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT


    2. Fake Grandma

      Fake Grandma

      Rambler, u will be missed, permanent o7 😞 

    3. RambleR
  3. Rip profile picture 14'-19' ?

    1. DeadPool


      yup its the o7 year

  4. Remember the trainings on gate 1 and deer stand, ws funny af lol
  5. The amount of times i looked the other way when dingle RDMd some poor soul, happy bday @Dingle Pooper

    1. Dingle Pooper

      Dingle Pooper

      <3 thank you lol

  6. Dont be me and lose 30mil worth of shit in your houses lol!
  7. @Redmer happy bday my dude!

    1. Redmer


      Thanks man, miss ya 

  8. Oh my, i hate change :(

    1. bigSMOKE


      The good days were when you were around, change my mind. 

  9. True OG right here, what u been up too
  10. Best name hands down is "Stains" Come stains, come stains >.<
  11. If using .io than yea its rarely consistent ;(
  12. Is 90% accurate, sometimes the last few can be off*
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