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  1. feelsbadman

    1. Orgondo


      How do you whiff like dat, and on XQC of all people


    2. RambleR


      lol ikr, was right off a landing ;( 

  2. RambleR

    Peter will always be KoS in my rule book
  3. RambleR

    He needs to appeal, not you
  4. RambleR

    @s1Lky sL1m what rogue said. I wouldnt advise listening to many people on here
  5. Thnx for the love everyone!! <3

  6. happy birthday :wub:

    1. RambleR


      Ayee tyvm bud!

  7. RambleR

    Senior deputy best rank hands down!
  8. RambleR

    Fkn dead. Gary still has it ;)!
  9. RambleR

    If they are using a 2-3 yr old test i feels bad for them hehe.
  10. RambleR

    Ahh ok, could have sworn i asked that question when i used to give apd tests. Always thought it was stated in the handbook. Ty my dude, i try and still keep up with server rules even though i dont play often
  11. RambleR

    Couldn't POs send to jail for rule quoting prior to this update? Its been awhile
  12. RambleR

    That poor joshh dude xD
  13. RambleR

    Was that you on cqc with the party ifrit and orca? That shit was fun lol
  14. RambleR

    Try 1000 posts with positive rep. That is the true big dick

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