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  1. You know how many people i would bait into rdm for some free cash... ya not gona work bud.
  2. Cartels/gang life still poppin? Need something to hold me over till wow classic ;)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. zoomzooooooom


      im practicing my class level route so i can get 60 quick time

    3. Connor McGregor

      Connor McGregor

      Cartels on this server haven't been poppin for the last year

    4. Bojo


      Cartel life

  3. RambleR

    Jake is like proud imo.. cool kid when not around people who are aids
  4. JX7TV436QEU

    Cruncy Roll 30 day premium for any weebs

    1. Slumberjack


      Thank you. I shall try out the Anime.

    2. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      Oh god, this is disgusting. I should give a warning point for such explicit content :dejaywink:

    3. Bojo


      hmu w/e you get one for hentai heaven or smthing :4head:

  5. RambleR

    @Viper 20$ you gas yourself in the first minute >.<
  6. Any vanilla OGs playin classic in august?

    Brings me back to my 4/6 t2 4/8 t3 hunter ;)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. EatMeth


      Of course we playin

    3. RambleR


      Ayee waddup danger, been a long time! Ill hit you up meth to see what your playin n shit

    4. Orgondo


      Bruhhhhhh, of fucking course. Now we got a release date my ass taking time off work


  7. When netflix suggests "olympus has fallen" lul

    1. Skys


      It's letting you know the near future

  8. RambleR

    Last time i was drunk on arma was gang wars >.< lol Ps. Be prepared to lose alot of money from explosions and death
  9. RambleR

    Dont use your alt for combat situations and your good.. if you die on Joe, dont tab into Bob and kill the guy.. alts can only chauffeur and pick shit essentially
  10. RambleR

    This is why i never banned kids on the weekend.. bans on the weekday no one ever really cared >.<
  11. First time on the server in about a year and first two mins i get RDMd driving around in Africa. How i missed you olympus >.<

    1. djdarkmunk


      get rek nerd <3

    2. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad

      Oh look who it is , sup sup

    3. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      I’d RDM you too. 

  12. RambleR


    @Drama welcome to the club homie First month or two you will probably regret leaving, but trust me.. it it very worth it. HMU if you want MC TS to pop by
  13. RambleR

    #olympus gta servers.. rp on gta will never get old imo
  14. RambleR

    Why.. anyone with a brain will just titan your ass. Titaning a bought ghawk = priceless
  15. Welcome to the retired OG club my friend! 

    1. Drama


      I can’t wait to join the boys some day

    2. iPopsicle


      This is a nice club. The place looks great @RambleRI like what you have done to it. 


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