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  1. o7 @NokiaStrong Thanks for keeping me up to date on my tickets

  2. How many girls have I hit on in this community... you completely eclipse me and rarely lock it down
  3. So that's what he meant when he said "I got killed on cap but can't explain how, you have to see it yourself" That's hilarious and a great clip
  4. Maybe he reported it to another staff member you never know, you can't just accuse someone of being a poor OS member because they are playing with a group and 1 guy is breaking the rules. That OS member and any OS member can't force the people they play with to not break rules, if they want to break them they will and OS will handle it accordingly.
  5. Designer is not an administrative role, so if he wasn't breaking rules I don't understand why you're calling him out
  6. He had already met his limits on Iron intake for the day
  7. I am the dude cropped out of the fighter
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