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  1. The problem here is that when you are countering a jail,fed or blackwater on cop the waves decrease immensely. You go from 1 cop restrained on wave 1 to 9 restrained on wave 3. You only have 2 officers left to respond in waves. This in my opinion makes wave rule in these situations another cripple. I AM NOT SAYING REMOVE WAVE RULE. I just think that this is more of a cripple on the apd than intended. It is no longer a fight when 5 out of the 8 cops online are restrained in a fed. The odds of winning the fight just go downhill every time an officer is tazed.
  2. Deputy rank now has access to the Vermin
  3. Any performance decrease though? If not that is great.
  4. Own the game but got bored with having no friends who played it. I think its a good game just a small playerbase for a map the size of the milky way.
  5. Why not just up the price a bit. It would make sense to pay more money for more armor.
  6. Bluetooth speakers for my phone, Some comfy ass slippers and enough money to buy a new motherboard, i7 6700k and some new RAM. Pretty lit.
  7. I havn't been here as long as some people but I feel like I've been here long enough to see a change in the playerbase. I don't thing it is as big of a deal as some may think though. It will always be changing whether it is in terms of trolls or RP. Tide goes in, Tide goes out. No big deal imo and I don't think its anyone's fault.
  8. Looks great to me! I like the new nlr warning system however I feel like with a 1.5km distance for nlr someone is bound to accidentally step a bit too close. I understand the info is reported to admins so would someone be banned for stepping in by accident and then immediately leaving? Just wondering. Anyways, Great job and can't wait to see all this in action.
  9. You can use flares to dodge titans. You cannot use flares to dodge a chain gun.
  10. I dunno, when an armed helicopter engages you there is not much you can do to stop it. Kind of an unfair advantage against literally everyone else. I would understand Fedot having a ghosthawk if he couldn't use the guns but otherwise its just a bit dumb.
  11. You don't. I agree its stupid and should be listed as an Oil holding vehicle. I bought one but keep it just for the giggles. Honestly if the devs could change it to hold other stuff that would be great.
  12. Tanoa is great. The lack of players on the Tanoa server is not. If taking down a server that has a fraction of the people on servers 1 and 2 helps pay for other expenses/expansions then I'm all for it. Tanoa life was great in concept but didn't quite live up to its expectations.

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