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  1. Happy Birthday @tacosmell love ya

  2. .Jake

    Deal pm me your steam or come to Olympus ts
  3. .Jake

    make it 2 mill and you got a deal!
  4. .Jake

    bump Need more than 1 mill btw
  5. Title says it all selling strider. Highest bidder gets it!
  6. so im looking for someone somewhat good at Photoshop to make me a Twitch Logo and Banner. PM me!

    1. Gluxdator


      Ill let some of my peeps know. Good luck!

  7. .Jake

    Honestly exactly what @Invu said. Also make sure that you are in the proper place to even see an abundance of turtles witch would be TUrtle Poaching. This area is also a red zone. This means that you are KOS to all players. So be careful and have a great day @Tobossco
  8. .Jake

    they changed it a little to make it look sleek and better!
  9. .Jake

    @.Jake needs money
  10. .Jake

    50 DLC bundle 2
  11. @Proud I am fighting you back with kindness.  Don't spam down vote me it's rude ;)

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    2. Savage


      Karma is a bitch Jake... you have a lot to learn 

    3. bigSMOKE


      22 minutes ago, Savage said:

      Karma is a bitch Jake... you have a lot to learn 

      Cringe hard

    4. .Jake
  12. .Jake

  13. .Jake

    34 mill sound good?

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