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  1. aww rip sorry bro
  2. i got 2 level 5 vests
  3. Yo i'm buying Any black water gear hmu if you got some and give me an offer on how much you want for it.
  4. lol ok 2m for 10 then
  5. offer?
  6. Selling 25 urban and hex csat clothes
  7. no idea i just think its overkill for them to have them still
  8. the reason nobody is replying is you have no pictures of it and what crater is it these are things your should add
  9. My whole thing is the whole argument for vigis to even get the 556 tazer is because of CSAT cloths and GA Carrier. CSAT is now gone and being a vigi is extremely popular among a LOT of people now I can't go into any major city without seeing them now It's kinda bullshit how they get the 556 tazer and we lost CSAT @reno walkins Rebel loadouts are pretty expensive if vigi loadouts are no where near the price of it 1 7.62 gun = the price of the whole vigi loadout.
  10. There can be only one.
  11. Can we take the 5.56 away from vigis the whole arguement for vigis to have them was that they needed it because rebels had CSAT take a wild guess whats gone, CSAT I think it would be good to put the vigi guns back how they use to be theres no need for vigis running around with fucking spars anymore. ty for reading
  12. got a motherboard with that processor?
  13. 1.5m for both
  14. mc mains server 2 so most likely S2
  15. agreed