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  1. I've had multiple friends who are Canadian and they are usually really cool except [VX] Canada amirite? Stop giving Canadians a hard time no wonder they don't like America.
  2. lol ya got me
  3. @Jesse props to you for putting your free time into helping the server even more then you already do 10/10 would like again.
  4. Simple fix join a gang or make your own with all your buddies and mass recruit kavala scats then when you all do a run just have some rook bangers lurking and kill the fuck boys robbing you ezpz
  5. TANK?
  6. Is anyone selling a Mk-1 tazer or 7.62 silencer or anything else thats cool looking to buy some good shit hmu
  7. https://olympus-entertainment.com/topic/14212-new-clothing/
  8. when do you think we will be getting the new clothes?
  9. @serpico Did you add any new clothing from my top discussion?

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