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  1. not upset just surprised he got a promo when he doesn't know the rules of the apd https://gyazo.com/641cb471e8094cf0b85c299de58fcbdb
  2. "Officer dealt with" my man got a promo off that lmao
  3. The garage is in the south part of zaros PM offers https://gyazo.com/71177f02ae6aac1d3c89bd0b6a369cf0 https://gyazo.com/ecb570f33b9bf4f00bed248318851772
  4. Often when I try to join server #2 I will get an error message pop up on my screen saying "Connecting failed." I have tried fixing this error by restarting my game (which works sometimes but not very consistently), I have tried flushing my DNS, I know I'm not IP banned, and I can always join server #1. I have been having this issue for about a week now ever since I was banned. If anyone has encountered this error before I would love to know how you fixed it because I have my house on server #2 and would like to play on server #2 This is a screenshot of what the error looks like whe

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