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    2. Headless


      just imagine how much money these goons are getting paid to be retarded.

    3. silver


      this stresses me out to watch god damn lol

    4. silver
  1. People pretend to be friendly all the time even the people you think you can be honest, friendly and mean too as a joke or playful /mean. Sadly I have learned not to trust anyone since people report for the pettiest things just to get a rise out of others/me. I tend to spend most of my time by myself because A. I either annoy people or B. People just don't like me. A lot of it is hearsay and no one ever makes a clear judgment. I try to be nice to everyone even tho I might come across arrogant or mean. I will always be paranoid because no one likes me and that is a straight fact. You don't see me in rooms full of people chatting it up and them actually wanting me around. I 100% believe you think you didn't give me a reason not to trust you but it was there. You never took the time to actually get to know me or give me a chance or even defend me when people had horrible things to say about me. All I have ever wanted for this server is for everyone to get decently along and share all my ideas to contribute toward a better sever for all. Sorry for the rant see you around kid hope for the best for you and yours Get money enjoy life be happy.
  2. The epiphany came to me just the other evening, like countless other craps, I was heaving hard and pushing like a pregnant broad summoning gleams of sweat and stress veins on my forehead. Then, suddenly I simply decided to lift my left leg high while simultaneously arching my torso and leaning my right butt cheek on the toilet. It would seem that this bodily configuration aligned my organs perfectly, creating a pseudo submarine torpedo tube that idiosyncratically mustered each log of excrement into a perfected clean drop into the bowl, resulting in a satisfying splash and a minimal amount of wipes thereafter. Further to this, I hypothesized a bowel movement that didn't require the usual pumping and pushing to eject the last blurb of brown nor a need, which is sometimes required, to 'chop one-off' for a quick toilet exit. I shall call this move - the Skywalker.
  3. :pog: Congrats man, 


    @Airborne does this motivate you to get Senior now?

    1. rapidaax


      haha thanks bro

  4. @rabeed Aye Buddy!!! Congrats on designer. Well deserved!!

  5. @ChrisGG you will never be this good at osu

    1. Unjo


      I dont think that map is even 3 star

    2. ChrisGG


      Hopefully not

    3. Millennium
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