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    1. WALT


      Thanks Headless, means a lot

  2. Just killed @Fraali624dce66fa6e167ba9ecc7269aab6b43.gif

    1. Ryan


      You managed to do what god himself couldn’t 😮 

    2. Headless


      Round house kick to his face. We were dying in Ts laughing to hard.

  3. Wow, amazing work guys!!!! @Strae @Mako @Zahzi
  4. yo paint brush F*****

    1. Headless




  5. Headless


    Later gator
  6. Come TS so I can help you. You can stop spamming now you have 10 comments.
  7. haha you always seem to amaze not only me but our whole staff team.
  8. @Stuffy You are making it worse for you buddy i wish your friends would encourage you to stop but it seems like they act way different in their ban appeals. but a Perm is a Perm enjoy that :D. Like I told you before, regarding Dragonnoids situation and you choosing to dox a member of our community. If you guys do not agree with what I said or if you believe i am wrong . you have 100% right to ask for our Senior admin or our Head Admin. You do not become abusive and do what you did. I am choosing to not respond for a reason. I am suppose to be better then what ever game you are trying to rope me into and it seems you and your friends get off on this. I personally will not contribute to it. Also, yes i have your WHOLE chat log and cant wait to share it with staff the time comes to do your perm appeal. @Dragonnoid This gives alot of context that you didn't give me during your ban appeal. I guess my kindness of not banning you for 5 days but gaving you 2 wasn't enough since this whole issue started with you anyway. @CaloomClark, Misconduct bans are serious and you keep making a joke of it and assume lying to people about how it was handled etc because you are not getting your way is what you are choosing to do. begging me to unmute you in discord isnt going to happen for this very reason how fake your messages are.
  9. The love of my life

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      That is anything but straight >.>

    3. Mudiwa


      Stop hating on a playa gary

    4. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      I aint hatin Headless is a QT

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