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  1. o7 man. My first real pal on Olympus, and the only one to stick with me the whole time. We sure got close to that vision.
  2. You are not the only one experiencing this. This issue is caused by an issue with the stored procedures that were lost when the forums were (((misplaced))) by some angry former staff members. The replacement of these procedures is what is required for many things (warpoints, vehicles not deleting, houses to go away after time) to function properly. I'm sure that @TheCmdrRex and @Fusah are all over it, but it will take some time. In the meantime you should be able to submit a comp request on the topic (unless @TheCmdrRex plans to add them back manually, may want to let him answer that one)
  3. Honestly this whole situation was fucked. Part of it was understandable but part was not. The fact that a non senior support member denied an app and made a final call is somewhat fucked, but pure discussion is not. Expanded: I think that this whole situation should definitely avoided, and even if it is the staff's place to be oversight, its not a senior developer's. Its your team and we should be hands off. We are allowed to discuss but no to act. Some crossed that line, and that's damn shameful. I'm not holding my tounge because someone has to say it: THIS SHIT HAS GONE TOO FUCKING FAR. And by no means should this be hidden. Freedom of speech baby. Never take it.
  4. I didn't get an @ But I will miss you brother.
  5. You are absolutely right. In fact, you are so right I will donate my entire paycheck from this last update back to the server.
  6. Since there are so many people who keep calling us monkeys:

    Would people be interested in learning SQF?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Claysive


      You're not gonna have much luck with a teaching session. Unless you plan on doing one on one's, or very small groups, it'll just be meme sessions like all the rest that have tried to have a "class". 

    3. Fake Grandma
    4. Boomer xD

      Boomer xD

      If anything yall devs are the ones who need to learn it :4head:



  7. @Developer Look it's democracy?
  8. Tits or ass?

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. MAV


      Ryan's cheeks

    3. MAV


      1 hour ago, MAV said:

      Ryan's cheeks

      didnt write it, but still approve it

    4. Mike Lit

      Mike Lit

      Ass for sure.

    1. Pledge




      this is also almost a year old now

    2. Tyronee


      ahh yes the corp meme...

  9. Happy birthday @123456789aWEFCj kvh

    You make this community whole

    1. zoomzooooooom


      damn u really want admin

    2. bigSMOKE


      2 minutes ago, zoomzooooooom said:

      damn u really want admin

      Image result for true meme

  10. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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    2. d a k o t a

      d a k o t a

      @Danteryan said dont be dumbasses about it, and ikield said they were working on a hotfix after theyre done banning everyone

    3. Dante


      I dont know, as former staff, I know theres always more to a story and theres also more behind the scenes reasons than most know. but from the outside looking in, I just think it would have been best to hotfix them out uintil it was fixed especially since it was such an easily accessible dupe.

    4. Pledge


      @Dante You are 100% correct, but a decision was made to fix them rather than disabling them, which has taken time. @MAV and I took care of those running up massive balances of explosives.

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