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  1. Pledge

    Oh I read them all. I'm involved. But I was waiting for you to get S&R....

    1. NokiaStrong
    2. DeadPool


      who got reported for wave rule?

    3. hawk


      36 minutes ago, DeadPool said:

      who got reported for wave rule?

      No one, we just got informed by some people

  3. 3bd.gif

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    2. Millennium


      Why isn't the blue one highlighted? :Kappa:

    3. zoomzooooooom
    4. Jordan540


      5 minutes ago, zoomzooooooom said:

      Thanks was looking for this 

  4. I speak for the trees:



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    2. rabeed


      You are receiving this message because you failed to reach your required times on the APD for the week. 
      Remember that you need make these times each week or you will be removed.

      Edited by rabeed
    3. Caleb Snackbar
    4. zoomzooooooom
  5. Pledge

    They are worth much less than that.
  6. Level 1 Deputy

  7. Pledge

    Altis Police Department Master Handbook Preface - Application Process and Rank Progression Chapter I - Professional Standards Chapter II - Use of Force Chapter III - Civilian Interaction Chapter IV - Hostage Situations Chapter V - Processing Suspects Chapter VI - Dealing with Vehicles Chapter VII - Probable Cause Chapter VIII - Searches and Seizures Chapter IX - Checkpoints & Patrol Guidelines Chapter X - Illegal Areas Chapter XI - Federal Events Chapter XII - Fines and Penalties Chapter XIII - APD Equipment & Ground Vehicles Chapter XIV - APD Aircraft Chapter XV - Bait Cars Chapter XVI - Training Facilities Chapter XVII - Communication Channels Chapter XVIII - Executive Decision
  8. Congratulations @an overweight giant retard


    Glad to have you back in community leadership.

    1. an overweight giant retard

      an overweight giant retard

      Glad I found somewhere I am wanted and can help.

  9. Just want to clarify, there is no need to buy any senior APD member gifts for the summer sale.  It will not make them more likely to promote you.

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    2. Millennium


      Reverse Psychology

    3. ChrisGG
    4. an overweight giant retard

      an overweight giant retard

      Coming from a previous chief, this is false boys. Buy it up for the lads, you’ll get Corp in no time cause you’re a “good cop”

  10. Pledge

    Hell yeah we are. The Civ council has no rule over the APD WHATSOEVER, but I do give them a heads up of me doing things when I ask Ares for confirmation.
  11. Happy birthday @Lorax

    1. Lorax


      omg thank you so much!!!!!



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