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  1. Pledge

    I'm fine with there being a cost for dying in warzone, but I don't like you guys getting warpoints if that happens. And it won't be loadout based, just a fine.
  2. Pledge

    How goes the valet business my favorite monopoly man
  3. Pledge

    Is that future Deputy Chief of Police PhizX?
  4. There's something very peaceful about seeing someone react to your post and knowing it's not a downvote.

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    2. Civak


      6 minutes ago, Xeltini said:

      Yea especially when you go at a big group of peoples necks

      shut up loser PO

    3. Pledge


      @Civak you wanna box me at@Xeltini's fight?

    4. Civak


      on the tims @Pledge winner gets Chief

      already got the Dep. Chiefs picked out @Xeltini @Viper

  5. Pledge

    I have been in discussions about giving the sting back. We will look into this as we see how the new script impacts the APD.
  6. Pledge

    Welcome, and Good Luck.
  7. Pledge

    Will trade NLR to full loadouts and tossing half our handbook ANY day.
  8. I'm feeling generous, appeal the blacklists.

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    2. Sho


      6 minutes ago, Pledge said:

      @maxg You are now in Foxtrot.


    3. maxg


      1 minute ago, Sho said:



    4. Millennium


      I can tell you are being very generous.

  9. Hard question here: Do people prefer an APD that has quality officers and roleplays or an APD that is relaxed and let's anyone who works for it get a rank?

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    2. Unjo


      Shut up loser PO's

    3. Lincoln Williams

      Lincoln Williams

      @Unjo Loser Deputy Here....Show Some Respect!!!!

      @Pledge You might want to either take it upon yourself....or with your senior apd ....and come up with a vision of what YOU want from the force. The community is never gonna be happy....Im not happy with it being Lite-Rp but I know theres others out there that RP so I know its a give and take. Ignore the whiners and choose the path as the leader....even if thats not RP based....still gotta respect a image.

    4. Kamikaze


      I would say cops should prove themselves for promotions a corporal is supposed to be " In this position you are a full fledged independent member of the APD. At this level of APD you should be proficient at rules and role-play." But it seems for some of the promotions they don't possess these qualities. IMO hours shouldn't matter a fucking bit, just because you can sit at your computer and AFK in a heli for up to 10 hours a day doesn't mean you are "dedicated." I've seen numerous patrol officers that are very great picks for corporal but they never get the chance because they "need to put more time in to be considered" or "stop playing with friends." At the end of the day this is a video game where you are supposed to enjoy your time playing but, when being restricted to not playing with friends what the fuck is the point? That's my two cents on the subject.

  10. Love when two POs run a speed trap (without moving even an inch) for 20 minutes in an Admin channel and complain the APD is bad

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    2. Xeltini


      5 minutes ago, Pledge said:

      Then that's an issue with the senior APD and one that I wish someone would have told me about. I had on my list of things for the meeting today to ask about feedback for you, but because not every senior has played with everyone I like to ask ALL the seniors at once.

      Well I think we both know the type of feedback everyone's gonna give me now :KappaHD:. Glad I was honest how I see some of the things right now. 

    3. Bojo


      I love it when SAPD has to get 20 people to talk to 2 PO's about them not having broken any rules

      I love it when SAPD say afk'ing hours isnt ok but most of their time sit in the back of a heli afk whilst a cockriding PO / CPL flies around

      I love it when SAPD has such a big ego they treat a rank on a dying video game as their biggest accomplishment in life

      I love it when SAPD tries to flex their e-peen but end up embarrassing them self

    4. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      This is such a classic Olympus situation. 

  11. Pledge

    @Asylum player brought me here over the summer of 2016 (I had played before but never got into it) and then I joined the APD, got heavily addicted, and am now chef.
  12. Pledge

    You got like a foot and 70 pounds on me. I need to stay alive till at least 28
  13. God I love this community


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    2. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      This has been officially deemed a "shitpost" until further notice. To appeal this decision please include more details and context in this post.

    3. MAV


      So i see you have golf squad Sgt picked out, 150 for LT?

    4. Outcast


      I see @McDili paid up.


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