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  1. Don't you just love when you're turning a corner in your nice new car and somebody slams into you at 30 something miles per hour. It is now quite possibly my favorite thing...

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      At least there's no income tax there :)

    3. Pledge


      @Fat Clemenza it was my secret plan to fight inflation. I thought my powers of debate could rise to meet the standards of the white-house press corps.

    4. Tman15tmb


      The other day I almost got into a fender bender. I was turning left on a green arrow and some shmuck turned into my lane as he was turning right on a red light (legal in my state). Luckily I predicted the guy was going to be a retard and sure as shit I prevented an accident by dictating the other person move. I just assume everyone is retarded and doesn't understand the rules of the road. How fucking hard is it to turn into your proper lane then once it's clear merge over using a blinker?? I would say 75% of people don't follow that rule and just turn out into the second lane no shits given.

  2. When I'm bored on cop. 04i8zWD.jpg


    1. Fat Clemenza

      Fat Clemenza

      Jesus, Pledge. You've got WAY too much time on your hands. You could've been catching up on The West Wing. 

  3. When @Willski says you have to brown-nose 2ioVKPc.jpg

    1. DeadPool1337



      Tag who you think brown noses the most :Kappa:

    2. Ignis


      6 minutes ago, DeadPool1337 said:


      Tag who you think brown noses the most :Kappa:


    3. DeadPool1337




      once again 

  4. As someone who could join any channel before getting Sergeant, I can confirm it did nothing good for me. The best way to get Sergeant is to work your ass off and know your shit. If you really want it, and feel like you can handle it, then keep working. If you think you should have it now, and wonder why you don't then just give up because without working you will get nowhere....
  5. عيد ميد سعيد، غوات



  6. I see that news ghosthawk. Don't even.
  7. I kinda wanna buy this and place it in an APD saferoom.
  8. 6bxad3h.jpg

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    2. Fuzy


      This is what you tards do when there's nothing going on?

    3. Pledge


      @Fuzy after we finish a fed and there's like no time till restart :P

    4. Emad



  9. MFW its not an april fools day prank but everybody else thinks it is....


    1. Corporal_moob


      can cumfirm

  10. I got so excited...
  11. It was a condition of gettin sgt. Have to join MC. You help them out they cover your "arse". April fools.
  12. I thought about doing this. Good one. You really had me, I thought someone had finally found out. Thank god.
  13. I want this game because I heard it is much better than H1Z1 86
  14. I swear every time I get my car washed 5 minutes later a bird shits all over it.

    1. Matt Black

      Matt Black

      I suggest placing Anti Air on your car to stop the birds.