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  1. Pledge

    I have one to sell. How much you wanna pay?
  2. Pledge

    Goodbye my friend. Perhaps the most chill man in all of Olympus history
  3. Pledge

    Automatic rebel weapons are are so retarded. Honestly just give them handguns. The rebels rob everyone and are a pain in everyone's asses.
  4. So many people have birthdays today, so happy birthday to the relevant ones:

    @Ryan and @gomby






    :Kappa: @TheCmdrRex

  5. Happy Birthday @Lucki
    Are we going to be blessed with another gif of you drinking?

    1. Dante


      Snapchat has proven I do not trust Lucki pictures anymore. 

    2. Lucki


      There is nothing wrong with my pictures!

  6. APD Meeting tomorrow (Saturday (5-12-2018)) @ 5PM EST

  7. Pledge

    I want to clarify this, but FTO is not intended to be a rank. There are no perks, and they don't have the power to command people of their equal rank. The point is that it is all about volunteering, and not for an in game destinguishment.
  8. Happy Birthday @snipeZ....

    Keep up the good work :)

  9. Now thats just mean. Would fuck up all of my things. All of them.
  10. Can we get the night theme all the time?
  11. Is it even your real birthday? @Dezree

    1. Shelby


      her real birthday was supposedly back in November i think?

  12. This whole Trident coup drama is giving me flashbacks....

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Apathy


      why did viper, xeltini and mr last leave anyway

    3. Ryan


      6 minutes ago, Apathy said:

      why did viper, xeltini and mr last leave anyway

      We wanted to take a break from running a gang.

    4. Apathy


      Oh I thought it was a BW to Trident situation all over again.

  13. For those who like marvel, just go watch infinity war. That is all I will say.

    1. J O E

      J O E


      Batman dies

    2. N7Zero


      whats marvel?

    3. Jester


      One of the best marvel movies ever 


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