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  1. viking-machete-21-518x365.jpg

    1. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad

      Good for head cuts......... I mean , hair cuts

  2. On LOA but I have an hour or two :)



  3. Not Arma, but was playing csgo. Got flashbanged flicked to my right and fired a single deagle bullet, killed two people with a headshot collateral, happened about two weeks ago. I have never been so sad.
  4. Senior APD meeting going on right now, send me pizza for corporal. :wub: 

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    2. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      With force? that joke was fucking terrible and weak. 

    3. Grego


      We get it... you both have big dicks god

    4. Plumber


      joke was terrible and weak yet you're getting so worked up about it

  5. Pledge

    @Ajax will trade blowjob for banner <3
  6. Pledge

    How would either of these be a product of reducing cop slots?
  7. It begins. Live with facecam :) 



  8. After following the people installing my internet all throughout my house, I have come to the conclusion that people walking slower than NPCs but running faster is a real life problem too

  9. Pledge stream starts tonight. Be there, or be square.

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    2. Christmas Dash

      Christmas Dash

      Beware of the jet

    3. Dante


      Facecam on LOCK with a special appearance by @Stuuurrt because we would never know the difference 

    4. Pledge


      Facecam will be on.

  10. Pledge

    Fam I just got here. Don't leave so soon.
  11. First, these guys aren't just getting punished because they did stuff on Asylum, there are reports of them doing it here. We usually don't perm if it doesn't happen here. Secondly, even if, in the rare case we do ban, THEY CHEAT, and if someone cheats somewhere because they suddenly get bored of it, what do you think will happen when they get bored of Olympus?
  12. Its a standard denial response. They are canned.
  13. Pledge

    Congratulations on making the best decision you ever made. Welcome to the bright side.
  14. Pledge

    Define cheap

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