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  1. AHP uniforms cannot be picked up, it's a bug So nobody has one
  2. Only 12 and he already can speak 2 languages. Only @Bow can speak the language of @Ares

    1. SPBojo


      I heard Ares is a specialist in the language of "prepubescent gibberish"

  3. Google sheets automatically adds commas, unless you add letters to the box :3
  4. They are bussing in loads of Assylum rats to commit voter fraud! Nikoteen is owned by Assylum! Kavala is corrupt!



    Don't vote for Dirty Nikoteen

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    2. Nikoteen


      Why are you guys so mad?

    3. Unjo


      28 minutes ago, Nikoteen said:

      Why are you guys so mad?

      Because most of your votes are people we will never see 

    4. Vanilla Coke

      Vanilla Coke

      You have some kind of lisp?

  5. I feel like half of the votes in this civ rep race are by people who don't even play on this server. Next time we need a better election process.

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    2. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      13 minutes ago, Orgondo said:

      Umm yes, why wouldn't you want a hour requirement? Why would you want a kid just joining the server voting on something that has an actual importance? Or asylum rats who have never played here simply log in to vote and never come back. That does not promote a good change.

      I voted for you and i only have 16 minutes played on olympus

    3. BlackJack


      I think we should just automatically choose Orgondo . 



      I think there should be a hour requirement, but it would need to be low. A lot of civs who are genuinely new and want to stay on the server have ideas they think would help them and other people in a similar situation they're in, so that's why I think there isn't a requirement. I think a good way is to have it be 15 hours on the server, or maybe 10. This prevents random people who just hop servers all day to vote, but still gives people who are relatively new a chance to voice who they want.

  6. Me and my boy @Dominick Ramos bout to make Charlie great again.

  7. Note to self: Never go full potato vodka

    1. Marty


      vodka's weak! try slivovitz!

      Edit: actually don't. You'll die.

  8. I leave the country for a week and @Falcon gets Corporal.


    for real though, congratulations!

    1. Falcon


      I would +1 it, but im kinda out :( anyways tytyty

    2. HyperGoat


      not like this.

  9. xd

    Looks familiar....
  10. Vote @Corporal_moob and @Orgondo for our civ reps. They have done a fantastic job so far, and it will only get better.

  11. If anything, it will take longer now. and by the way, I reccomend you learn next time before you speak, and maybw YOU should consult more than one source, like we did. Maybe then you won't post on the forums with ABSOLUTELY no idea what your talking about.
  12. Congratulations to one of the best cops out there @housekitty

    1. 7om



    2. housekitty


      thanks I learned from one of the best!

  13. It means until you start negotiations (if they do ever start) Corporals are lethals loaded on the people who took your other officer.
  14. Congrats to @Mercury!

  15. Happy birthday @Poseidon

    1. OlympusAccount


      Holy shit he's older than I expected

  16. Happy birthday to the cop who made me the officer I am today. @Maddog

    1. Midnightcamo


      dont blame @Maddog for you being retarded

    2. Maddog


      I can only take credit up to corp, from then on he's on his own :P and thanks

  17. Congratulations @Plumber!

    1. Plumber


      Thanks broski!

  18. Congratulations to @TheRealKyle


    o7 @McDili, perhaps the greatest Deputy Chief we will ever know.

  19. To be completely honest, is the only reason you're here because Asylum is dying and you want to make it look better than Olympus? Because at this point the only thing that looks better for Asylum is the fact you had a couple features before us that you didn't come up with yourselves.
  20. I'm so sorry. We shouldn't have copied the idea for a virtual inventory.
  21. Yeah. I was joking.
  22. It seems like you always blame [DB]