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  1. I need this for seizing...I mean using. Using.
  2. I would like to thank the Olympus Forums for keeping my entertained through my 3 hour wait for my flight to San Francisco

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    2. RambleR


      Prepare to see a man walking down the street in a one peice with a unicorn hat on. San fran is fucking weird lol

      I went to see the indiana jones crystal skull screening while gay pride was happening. Holy fuck was that a mistake

    3. FlapJack


      fak you pledge, squeaker hater

    4. Mikey Ruth

      Mikey Ruth

      I rp push you out

  3. ae49c4087540a021d449e780e31962b6.png


    The "The" PD

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    2. Zephyr


      5 hours ago, bigSMOKE said:


      THEcmdrrex THErealkyle THEg.o.a.t

    3. bigSMOKE


      @Zephyr never saw caption until now

    4. Zephyr
  4. Nah. Just in the future it could be a problem with others not using as fair of judgement as @G.O.A.T. did, and it could potentially be abused. APD was in the right in that situation.
  5. @Proud got internet FUCKED

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    2. SPBojo


      Couldn't agree more! we might be a bunch of retards online but when shit needs to get done we get it done

    3. McDili


      I N T E R N E T

      P O I N T S

    4. Proud


      You guys r all ass hats, my rep went from 270 to -100 and u guys may be laughing, but I don't find it funny 

  6. VX rats are everywhere time to commence the extermination
  7. APD Titans when?

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    2. Ragnarok
    3. Airborne


      +1 I'm god tier at titaning hatchbacks

    4. SPBojo


      If you add AT Titan for civs sure :^) 

  8. I feel like the title is not fitting of this. It should be renamed as "MY EXCUSES ARE BULLSHIT"
  9. The staff should have modeled it after this coup


    1. Mercury


      I'm down to clown for a coup



      A coup would be funny as fuck.

  10. Tmw when you get a B+ on the multiple choice section of your midterm...

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    2. jmb8813



      1 hour ago, KrispyKreme said:

      Tfw your Linux skills test has only 10 directions, and you only know how to do 6.

      linux skills test? what school you go to??

    3. KrispyKreme


      university of akron. we have two sections of a test, practicing it and knowledge of it

    4. jmb8813


      ah I thought they were teaching that in HS nowa days

  11. You know all those secret files that everybody thinks the president has access to? Like in National Treasure: Book of Secrets.... That's what is inside of chapter 20.
  12. Wew lad.

    1. Ignis


      Picking up @G.O.A.T.'s vocabulary I see

  13. I give this out of
  14. Just the quote "Ah......Fuck"
  15. Happy birthday @Peter Long. I never thought a box-truck could live so long.

  16. Mainly for dupers
  17. Call a taxi.
  18. This is not the place for a player report.
  19. There is not a rule against either one.
  20. Happy birthday to my main scoutplane @Stuuurrt.


    Aint nobody can fly like that.

  21. Thanks. This makes me feel better. I was so very offended when you suggested I was a workhorse that didn't work.

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