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  1. Pretty popular game you got there...


    1. Bobby Ricky

      Bobby Ricky

      @Pledge OML its an amazing game tbh.

    2. Ignis


      I almost won one.

    3. Bobby Ricky

      Bobby Ricky

      3rd place is the best iv'e gotten so far.

  2. life is hard when you run out of likes



      Life's hard when a lot of shit went down with Olympus but I was restricted. I had so much shit to say to people, but I couldn't... :FeelsBad::FeelsBad::FeelsBad:

    2. TheRandomOne


      Probably for the best,that way you couldn't get restricted again lol



      Hehe... yeah, a little bit of me is upset, but I DEFINITELY would have gotten restricted. So I'm more happy I was restricted. I learned how to conserve my likes though.

  3. Good thing the APD would never do such a thing....
  4. Happy birthday to my man @Krisskross!

  5. I found how baby hunters are made... @Jordan540




    1. DeadPool1337


      What parts of the dark web are you viewing?

  6. I love you right now for making people write 300 word essays. @Mercury 


    HMU if you need more red ink

  7. Thanks to all those who congratulated me. Ran out of likes to give out pretty fast. Also congratulations to @Trimorphious and @Winters

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    2. Pledge


      Will be announced soon @BlackJack

    3. BlackJack


      7 minutes ago, Pledge said:

      Will be announced soon @BlackJack

      Not to rush anything but I have a question . How long does it take to get tags on the forums ? 

    4. Pocketoli
  8. In order to ensure the continued growth of the community, Support Team is redefining it's roster with members who will help both those new and old to Olympus. We are looking for people who enjoy playing on Olympus, and want others to enjoy the experience equally as much. Recruited members are expected to help those seeking assistance on the forums and in the TeamSpeak. Applicants should be experienced, Knowledgeable, and willing to help those with their questions. To submit an application complete a new request here and fill out the required fields. In the last field you should write a brief and meaningful essay/paragraph as to why you would make a good support member. This is the part of your application that will have the biggest influence on our decision. If you have any questions about completing the application join the support room in the TeamSpeak and talk to us! If your application is put on hold we ask you remain patient as we are limited on spots and want to consider all candidates before making a decision. We look forward to reading your applications and thank all applicants for their interest. Even if in the past your application has been denied, do not hesitate to submit another application.
  9. Thank you for making this make sense.
  10. So far today I have spent 4 hours watching robots fight to the death at University of Illinois...

    1. Welch


      do you go to UofI?

    2. DeadPool1337
  11. Thank you for pointing this out to us all. We all could use some perspective right now.
  12. We exist simply to help keep people in check and enforce the law, you just sit around taking us hostage and robbing us, and then complain like it's not a problem. You are basically a murderer saying we should be allowed to murder people. All you do is taze and restrain us.
  13. Unless there are like 12 people all with tazers, then your fucked right? Because as soon as you peak a corner you get insta fucked and stolen away. I was in a hummingbird the other day, Pilot (another corp) ate a 5.56 for breakfast and the 3 gentlemen shooting at us had all 4 of us tazed before we hit the ground. They just ran up and did a quick shift R and blindfold then we were gone. 25 minutes later after being let go due to the 15 minute timer and made to walk back 4K we finally were able to go back out on patrol. I'm glad you told me that i need to have a better squad though, now I guess I will just have to ask a sgt for a ghosthawk everytime i go on patrol. Entire gangs get wiped while hot dropped sometimes, do you expect me to get an apd squad more coordinated than a gang?
  14. I don't know how much cop you play, but apply common sense. If you are not in Kavala your chances of being kidnapped go down, and if you spend all your time in Kavala and still have not been kidnapped, I think you should re-evaluate how much time you spend playing cop. Also please notice that the APD do not just quit playing the game and move on, we instead attempt to fix the problem. I personally can speak to the efforts made by @G.O.A.T. and @Lucki at the staff meetings to try and bring a balance to this where you can get what you want and we can get what we want. It just isn't happening. We are dissatisfied. If you're bothered by the fact that we are voicing our opinions, then as you put it, "You could always stop playing."
  15. Happy birthday @Fushigi

  16. I want you to understand. Although you may not understand I will repeat what the APD has been saying this whole time. Being stuck in your house for 15 minutes while restrained if not fun for anyone. We got buffed because you got buffed, we are at a fighting disadvantage already. Lose one gunfight and suddenly you are done. The reason we can taze and restrain is because often you guys kill us all and then sweep them away to a hiding place. WE CANT DO THAT. When we die you get 45 seconds at minimum to move our man away from where he was restrained and now we only have 4 officers left, who are now easier to tase because they have to split up to find our officer. It's a slippery slope that starts with one taze and restrain and ends with all the cops online being lined up and told to drop all their gear. WE CANNOT let such unbalanced bullshit happen, as it completely prohibits us from doing our jobs.
  17. This is not the proper place for a player report. Go to: http://olympus-entertainment.com/support/ New Request, Player Report, and fill out the fields. Link this video in the bottom box and provide a brief description. Make sure to hit display as link!
  18. It's the fact that we are stuck at a disadvantage normally to civilians, and we rely on not having NLR to resolve situations. If we are able to be taken hostage for 15 minutes you will be able to neutralize the entire APD in minutes. @G.O.A.T. is being completely reasonable here by saying that this is not a balanced mechanic to have in game. Even after the update we still have officers getting tased, granted it has been reduced in frequency a bit. We cannot do our jobs if we are stuck in your zip-ties for 15 minutes.
  19. Baby come back. You can blame it all on me.
  20. Congrats @Ignis on Mod and @Mercury on Admin!

    1. Ignis


      Thank you!