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  1. As with Wheat, I have also moved to Hitbox! Follow me and watch at hitbox.tv/StaxAttack. I'll mostly be streaming Olympus #3, Heroes of the Storm and some other games. Starting back up soon. I wonder if I can stream Nvidia surround .
  2. I got an offroad, but i lost a whell and was run over while trying to repair. I didnt die so I grabbed a quadbike, then it was complete chaos and a bad idea lol.
  3. Been playing a bit with CIA on Server 1, but do all my vigilante work on Server 2 . Altis Life is like therapy away from SR Drama.
  4. ah, you're part of SGW . Us SR guys are all spread apart.
  5. Ah yes, Griffin, I believe we are acquainted. Hmm, yes quite. Long live the Republic! What is your name in game and what server do you play on? I know Morbain is usually on #2.
  6. Hey all, I'm Stax and a friend of Morbain's and Wheatkings. I'm new here, but have played a few times. Finally came here to post and check out everything. What's up, yo?

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