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  1. The master of feet pics

  2. nice beanie dude looks fucking sexy as

  3. Didn't you quit?

  4. I and many other players mainly one that can win gang wars and don't make moonshine all day have like 25k
  5. Heaps lad. They're really shelling out the big Buck this time around
  6. I love how changes that effect civs are never run past the council or just the general community.

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. Civak


      i may be blind but i don't see that anywhere @Silton

    3. Jimmy Jarvis

      Jimmy Jarvis

      your first official update civak and the server is so fucking laggy nice one man!

    4. Civak


      yw man no problem!

  7. What about the one Poseidon made in 2016?
  8. [TACS] Nathan. get the fuck outta here spastic
  9. Why did you buy that piece of horse cock. Sell to market
  10. Silton

    Civ Ideas

    Shark cards from gta
  11. Nah after Dili and jesse left. Peter held it together but now it's just fucked
  12. Since there no rats on staff and no stats page. Who's got on?

  13. I reckon Hadi is paying big money for transaction logs [email protected] losers hehehehehe
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