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  1. olympus-entertainment.com/stats
  2. The Lion King
  3. Insufficient Evidence
  4. Defibs don't exploit money into the game @Jazzy
  5. reduce my racism ban for the last day and ill show u
  6. no, u took my tac veiw u cant take this die in a hole
  7. i see i made it to your signature
  8. you don't need to quote everything bud
  9. No it's getting colder fuck you
  10. These are fucking @Tyrone Washingtons csat u scrub look at the name u dirty jew
  11. cop gear isnt hard to get now ill give u like 120k
  12. i have a garage in dp 3 and dp 15
  13. Playing CS with @Haiwood


  14. Yes I am aware of the sapd decision and as I said it was the only think that helped but after me and Sam were captured it was lethals loaded and stuff like that 1v4 shouldn't have happened. And despite When the hawk lethaled 4-5 players the strider and gear left without a trace. Also I am P.O. Kevin