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  1. Thousands of arma 3 hours, hardwork and dedication defeated by a scat with adaptive crosshair and a 100k kit
  2. What defines random? Yet another dogshit vague rule. McDili told me if someone is dumb enough to drive over the triangle of a slam mine and you pay the 250k premium to goes out the window
  3. You don't need to wash your hands after a piss

    1. Eddy Spagooti

      Eddy Spagooti

      WHOS YELLING LOL:poggers:

    2. GoonThe14Yearold


      DAMN @Mako just fucking pay attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    3. Strafe



  5. Fuck off retard no one likes you just delete your account and hang 10 you're obsessed give it up
  6. Must not be an underwater expert if you're using the 20 rounders
  7. kids weird dont message him
  8. Nah just make it less than 15 minutes
  9. All of a sudden the man with a airfield titan house is against titans at airfield.
  10. I thought was I shoot everyone within like 3km of it
  11. Insert angry sAPD and Cpls when they're too dogshit to join aha
  12. It was but Devs love a little bit of copy paste

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