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  1. Happy Birthday QT

  2. happy birthday you cute aussie cunt 

  3. Feel like shit just want Geo's CQC back
  4. Hmu for air vehicle backpack dupe instructions

    Also hmu if you got a dms or 7.62 suppressor 

    1. Noahhh!


      I have a DMS. I'll sell to you boss.

  5. Silton


    looking good brother
  6. @Truthy does 15k hit him up
  7. stop asking it before kneecaps gotta start going
  8. grow up cunt this isnt a best case scenario A&D server itd be dead fucking boring if it was the same time of day and never rained.
  9. If cops could shoot then wouldn't need a helicopter with Miniguns but ok
  10. This may not be a prime example but "High gang activity" needs to be looked at as it easily abused cause it's really up to how the cops feel @Mr GOAT
  11. That's what I think as an original member and longest standing civ council but these kids are freaks
  12. And thats broken has been for ages the amount of poor orcas I've lost when I'm by myself is sad
  13. Thats where you're wrong buddy the rest of civ council are spineless cock slurplers
  14. Should be a situation when allowed to be pulled. Pulling a ghawk to patrol cause 70 people are on can suck my cock
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