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  1. Silton

    seniors get better gear and they are the ones that come to warzone. Also people know when you are coming on WZ code 3 or not
  2. Silton

    ahhh when did I say that cops are OP? Never in this post. I feel that they should lose money as civs do on warzone as it would make it more fair. Please read instead of talking dumb shit cause you're a new player that think you know what you are talking about but all you are is a retard who plays cop and does salvage runs.
  3. Silton

    ahhh you are way more braindead than I thought. 90% of the time not going to happen. Also 3 hours no money on cop. You're a shit cop its easy money
  4. Silton

    See I know you have never fought a cartel and have no clue what you are talking about but its not as simple as it seems. Runs take time and you can also get fucked by cops and civs. Cops just run around shooting people and getting easy money
  5. Silton

    No its not unfair. It would be beyond stupid if all cops had god gear. Cops know the risk and what goes down at warzone they should lose their gear like everyone else that dies there. Also civs pay a premium price for the gear, cops pay a 1 time fee, unless stolen which has been made considerably harder and limited to every 30mins. Civs also have to do runs which are a whole other story.
  6. Silton

    I can afford it. its unfair how civs have to pay every time for their loadouts and cops don't on warzone
  7. Silton

    Loadout costs 250k Ifrit Costs 750k. Next
  8. Silton

    @Dante Now that you have changed to rule that civs can get fucked I would like you to consider this post heavily as the civs lose mass amounts of money on warzone fighting and cops can just abuse it with unlimited free loadouts.
  9. Silton

    20 mil? You're smoking dick
  10. FreeTheBoys?

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    2. Zahzi


      3 hours ago, ThatNerdyGuy said:



    3. J O E

      J O E

      2 hours ago, Zahzi said:



    4. N7Zero



  11. @Dante Me @Zahzi and @N7Zero all are requesting PO and a pardon for our efforts in the field today ty Chief 

    1. Dante


      Honestly almost pardoned Zahzi til I saw the total bounty

    2. N7Zero


      @Dante u smell of piss anyways.

  12. Silton

    This gang was shit. No one cares, all you had were numbers. Never have I seen such a cry about a gang disbanding, it's not a big deal
  13. The amount of cops that could get removed for coming back to active situations without code 3 is a joke :P

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    2. Silton


      Just now, Deadpool said:

      Simple Solution - Report

      its not worth it. upload speed is too shit.

    3. draMa


      The amount of rules and wording we could not have in the handbooks and server rules if DB didn’t exist is a better joke :lol:

    4. Silton


      23 minutes ago, draMa said:

      The amount of rules and wording we could not have in the handbooks and server rules if DB didn’t exist is a better joke :lol:

      that's just how it be sometimes


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