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  1. Less reward cause they're easier. Changes will come to those events. And you're not a hero for playing with new players so relax.
  2. What like the bank, jail, pharma and art gallery?
  3. All war kill titles reset. Nice!

    1. monsterr


      Haven't had 120k mk1s in forever

  4. Remove Nifi from the altis map pool and make it on s3. Cheers

    1. monsterr


      delete delta and echo from warzone and move them to the north side of warzone, zone is literally driving sim atm.

    2. Revise


      War zone feels like I’m playing euro truck sim 

  5. If only there weren't people who develop scripts with the intent to do these things and ruin other peoples experience.
  6. You're the biggest freak I've ever seen.
  7. Weird coming from you
  8. @ coolbean  for swat commander

  9. That's a fucking lie
  10. I hope those poor cunts didn't pay for that uniform
  11. Happy Father's Day @ FluffyTEDDY

    1. Greenbum


      this made me laugh

  12. Ahahaha deleted my Ron post. dog shit biased staff I will release all staff secrets if Ron doesn't receive perm cpl

  13. Stupid if you think anyone will sell an AT offroad for 4m
  14. @Kamikaze for community manager

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