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  1. @Bloodmoon16 hours of cop a day. Bruh

  2. Barely even see cops rp anymore. It just became a cash grind and easy money. The rules have also became cop sided due the fact that top tier civ gangs where laying big cock on the apd this made it unfair for small gangs and new players. The fact that civs have adapted over time with big brain plays and all cops can do is ask for a rule change. Also if you want to see rp on Olympus you won't find it on the apd.
  3. Called it @McDili @Snort and every other retards in that channel 

    1. Larrybaca


      What happened

    2. Strae


      siltonius is always right

    3. codeYeTi


      What channel?

  4. Silton

    I really don't see why you don't let @codeYeTi contribute
  5. Explain to me why i cant edit posts without forum tags. Why do i need to be apart of a retard faction?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Silton


      4 minutes ago, MAV said:

      You should be able to edit posts for like 2 hours with no tags


    3. d a k o t a

      d a k o t a

      2 hours ago, MAV said:

      You should be able to edit posts for like 2 hours with no tags


    4. genesis


      2 hours ago, MAV said:

      You should be able to edit posts for like 2 hours with no tags


  6. New players can't even use the forums without being mocked by a bunch of mouth breathers

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Demon9845


      Gotta let em know what they're getting into.

    3. Danger


      ^^^^ its only fair.

    4. KrispyK



      we have all been there. Its a right of passage

  7. All these retards trying to do the good ol' @Dante use my status for goods. Classic Olympus

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    2. Danger


      Don't hate the player hate the game.

    3. Silton


      6 hours ago, Dante said:

      Listen here I didn’t start the steam wishlist trends tho. Bet your ass I followed though. Prob 1/3 of my library from Olympus. Mostly @Ryan‘s fault when he convinced me to actually make my first wishlist. Olympus Santa 

      You were banging more than steam games

    4. Dante


      People paid to make sure I kept banning people B)

  8. Silton

    Shut up black cunt you don't leave your ghosthawk
  9. Make @codeYeTi a dev so we actually have content pumping out. Cheers

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    2. McDili


      7 hours ago, Unjo said:

      Literally had no malicious intent of the DMS

      Sure buddy

    3. codeYeTi


      Wow didn’t know this was so controversial.

      1. @Ryan is right about updates, and if it weren’t gated like that, really dumb shit would get to prod all the time.

      2. Yea hire me back. You’ll be seein’ me hanging around here like I have been. Gotta “earn that trust”. I got other dev projects so I still don’t play too much, but I’m making an effort to be present on the forums to try to re-integrate.

      EDIT: 3. If I was tryna fuck Olympus the mission file tarball would have been out long ago. Despite what a select few people who have and never will be staff may think, I do actually think the place has potential lol.

    4. codeYeTi


      Last note: all y’all need to stop shitting on the current dev team if your content stream slips for a little bit. There has been so much churn there right now that if it were a corporate team they wouldn’t be expected to get anything done.

      I knew @TheCmdrRex when we were both new to Oly. The guy may be newer to coding than some, but he’s good people, and will build a good team to get you guys your content.

  10. Silton

    2016 Athira Reb. How many times do I have to ask
  11. delete mine and there will be no teamspeak. Also eta on my legacy?
  12. ETA on server 3 being turned into Tanoa again?

    1. J O E

      J O E


  13. Silton

    thank fuck youre a fucking retard please dont even lurk on the forums or shit you are honestly unbearable. l8r bitch
  14. senior in a useless roll exdee

    1. bigmanxanx
    2. Lukeee


      support team hahahahaha


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