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  1. Monkeysz

    1 I can`t play anymore anyway XD 2 I will be at my Mums wedding so I couldn`t play and to be honest Arma already has consumed 6000+ hours incl ban evading accounts, I`m actually happy to finally stop playing as GW would have been my last time I ever launched arma and as for "1" I wouldn`t have bought them if I could make GW but in the words of Grandma Gary It`s a little after 2 weeks
  2. Monkeysz

    Haze the only way you`re getting the win is if it`s in a eating contest
  3. Monkeysz

    I had the first ever armed hurron THAT WAS CLAIMED fuck you MC tards yours blew up doesn`t count I payed 50 when it was the ONLY one on the server and Ghosthawks wasn`t even being considered to be added but as there are actually a few of them now I`d say about 15 Mill is max they aren`t worth it though you they are like paper better of saving for a ghosthawk 3 PO`s can take your blades with 1 mag each and if you have a HQ full of them + Higher ups you are fucked Literally attacked a hq with mine and I had to go store and pull it out after 1/2 flybys
  4. Monkeysz

    Never said I was on my old main account ;P
  5. Monkeysz

    What do you mean I was arma last night probably the last time forever it`s a dead game + I found other shit I enjoy playing
  6. Monkeysz

    Active Gang BTW Missed 2 out but they have the same as most
  7. Monkeysz

    If I was playing ez win
  8. Monkeysz

    That clip is so old I`d slap you anyway
  9. Monkeysz

    Prime TI Final like every other time
  10. Monkeysz

    N E C K Y O U R S E L F
  11. Monkeysz

    Video is over 3 years old, times have changed since them days and so we have to adapt
  12. Monkeysz

    Thats what I was meant to say^^^^
  13. Monkeysz

    mmmh Tenacity wouldnt be right imo I feel it died when gareth quit and should stay that way unles Gareth comes back
  14. Monkeysz

    1. The gang will be made either tonight or tomorrow 2. I need a name Im at work so my creative side has turned into depression mode leave suggestions below
  15. Does Olympus Need a new gang :thinking-face_1f914:

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. kev


      shit was fun tho lol

    3. Kden


      2 hours ago, kev said:

      @DeadPooL lets make a gang again :Kappa:

      30 niglets v3?

    4. Monkeysz


      Ok I`ll be here but I`ll be away Saturday so Either Sunday or Monday I`ll make a gang 


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