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  1. Bojo

    https://www.timeout.com/manchester/blog/the-a-to-z-of-northern-slang-n-is-for-nobhead suck it, boy kisser
  2. Bojo

    Clearly noone told you the zero'ing on the sting when using a mrco / arco is fucked. You gotta aim way lower nobhead.
  3. Bojo

    Consider the prior owner was bullied off he's own server I think saying "don't be aids" won't change much.
  4. Bojo

    np, gotchu fam
  5. Bojo

    Nah nigga, that shit illegal
  6. #bloodmoon4sgt

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    2. Bojo


      mora di, feite brilleslange

    3. Strikke


      @Bojo du er en Jævla pikkantilope og en firkantræv.




      10/10 beste filmen ever

    4. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      I too love javelin.


  7. When you rob someone you rob them to inconvenience them and benefit yourself, you dont rob them so that you have to give them a fucking lift to the nearest garage.
  8. Bojo

    Cya egghead
  9. @Hadi Mokdad ur old warrior is 5 years old today, not bad

    1. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad

      oooooh gifts ! oh wait. Same old shitty mini pet and boosters:(

  10. Bojo


    Who r u
  11. Bojo

    "Stay dead or die again"
  12. Bojo

    PeRmAnEnT bAn BtW

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