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  1. Bojo

    Give me the remaining shit for free or die
  2. Bojo


    Name thief
  3. Bojo

  4. 37272de82215c9f3edcc6cafdd0ffcb6.png Id like these warpoints added to my account kthanks

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    2. Proud


      if only war points weren't broken 

    3. Bojo


      Im getting my warpoints one way or another, my ass aint loosing out on 44 WP's 7462ff841de0fa1bf28d7b58fa98d3cb.png

    4. MAV


      Lol, +1

  5. Bojo

    R O L E P L A Y
  6. Bojo

    Gotta be more specific my guy
  7. Bojo

    Meg? Nei aldri!
  8. Bojo

    Sure, if you give me 75 mill to bet first
  9. Bojo

    Staff on this server is shit, they refused to ban this kid when the pic posted has more than enough evidence: Just look at the chat, he clearly combat logged!
  10. APD going to bed tonight:


    1. Bloodmoon


      3 hawks in a day :4head:

  11. Bojo

    Imagine playing olympus cuz you want to roleplay
  12. mfw im out here in 2019 still getting constant texture bugs :FeelsBad:

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    2. G F

      G F

      imagine having such a bad pc :4head:

    3. Bojo


      atleast my pc allows me to get shot at w/out the game crashing :4head: @G F

    4. G F

      G F

      @Bojo im laughing but inside this hurt me

  13. Bojo

    UnBaNnInG gOoGlE tO bEgIn WiTh WaS a GoOd IdEa, NoT lIke AnYtGiNg CoUlD gO wRoNg @staff
  14. Happy birthday buddy, dont go around spamming too much on the forums now will you ;) 



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