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  1. Bojo

    Id quote every single one of you simply to say something but thats effort so yeah, thank you all for making Olympus what is is. (Had to quote these two fools for obvious reasons) The fight is far from over, keep on making me proud solider. i love you
  2. Figured that it was about time i made it official... Some of you already know whats up, mostly Tree rats but other people too. I've been around Olympus for 5 years now and i've been around people that's involved with Olympus for ever longer than that. I can say with a smile on my face that i've met some of the most amazing and loving / caring people in my life on Olympus, these 5 years has been nothing but an amazing time with all of you (except a few, you know who you are), but as its been stated by others, all good things come to an end. I'm not going to pretend and say i haven't made a post like this before but i can say truthfully that this time its for real. Olympus is the community i've put the most effort / consideration and thought into out of every community i've been a part of and i got so many things i want to say but il keep it short. Il probably drop by now and then to check up on people and make sure the APD keeps getting nerfed but here goes: @D P You are the most retarded but caring person i've ever ran into, no matter the shit your given you still keep going, i got nothing but respect for you and i thank you for giving me a chance within the civ council. @Bloodmoon If you ever stop nerfing the APD words cant express how disappointed il be, you've been nothing but a great friend and semi-ok Prime Tree @Kyle. You are genuinely the most down to earth person i've met and one of the biggest reasons i still jumped on arma now and then. @Childish Even tho we barely talk now i consider you one of my closest friends, nothing but love for you. @Peter Long You took the server and made it better, i thank you for that, always considered you a friend of mine, wish you the best and nothing but love for you too. @CocoisDead Biggest meme i know but in a good way, love you buddy. @Hylos Were not friends, were family, words cant express. @Gf. I dislike you for not liking haggis, other than that, ok dude. @Nightingale Your dick is hairy, shave sometime will yeh? @Mercury Biggest R&R retard there is but i cant think of anything negative to say about you, i appreciate you. @Strikke Glad i deg, godgutten @drama if you ever stop fighting for apd nerfs il come back just to yell at you, most visibly civilian sided staff member there is by a long shot and words cant express how much a lot of us appreciate that. @Hurricane why the fuck do you not have SGT yet?.... @Ryan #OlympusEquality til the day we die. @Hadi Mokdad Leave mesmer alone... please... @Ares From one old timer to another, do us a solid and dont change too much now will you? Il never forget you giving me my first of many perms on Olympus. Make us all proud. @Mita Although some people seem to dislike you i cant say the same, your a good friend, i thank you for that. If you were not @'d dont take it personal, i had a hard enough time mentioned the few people i did mention. I wish you all the best, dont forget about me now will you? This has been Bojo, signing out.
  3. Bojo

    You will be missed.
  4. Bojo

    You can easily use this general idea and build upon it with things you deem needed etc:
  5. Bojo

    o7 [MC] Peter Long, nothing but love for you, id write a long ass reply but you know what i think about you and what you've done for Olympus. Wish you nothing but the best. Love you big man, see yah around.
  6. Bojo

    I take back everything mean i have ever said to you.
  7. Bojo

    If you want to "progress further within the division of apd" go join a roleplay server, coplympus is not for you my friend.
  8. Bojo

    Imagine correcting someones grammar hmu and il buy you a rope, you know the rest Yeah 100%, btw, its not a staff meeting i have recorded nor have i said it was, start reading and stop assuming retard Main post: Buff apd im not getting cpl and want more shit Comments: APD Cock suckers trynna be cool
  9. Bojo

    Because it proves a point for the people that's not retarded to understand.
  10. Bojo

    The video contains things discussed at a staff meeting, its not a flex, its a "your simply not allowed to know this".
  11. Bojo

    Instead of leaking a video that might spoil shit il instead just call you a retard and ask you to fuck off.
  12. Bojo

    Imagine calling a faction that was straight up FORCED by the APD to be biased towards them dirty, NICE.

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