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  1. Gz @Kyle., have my children!!! 

  2. I'm sure raptor would love to join.
  3. o7 bud, good luck in your future endeavours
  4. But wouldn't you using that to your advantage be exploiting or just abusing a bug?
  5. Am i the only one unable to pull orcas / quillins unless i buy a brand new one?

  6. Boomer xD


    There are diff types of MK-1 etc, there is only 1 sting. Hency why civs can buy black mx's and mk's
  7. Boomer xD


    The spar's are not color coded, they just come in different variations. As for the Sting, there is currently a script placed on all Sting's that makes them a tazer, adding them to gunstone will therefore not be doable unless you remove the tazer script which wont happen anytime soon.
  8. Why tf am i unable to send apd dispatch as a innocent man? 

    Edit: And fix not being able to pull quilins, shits aids

  9. I miss back when the most "op" thing a chief asked for was a zubr.
  10. I vdm'd you just for you to o7 the next day? We had our differences but you were always a good lad, cya around!
  11. Cuz you gotta pay to be able to use one Pay2win nig
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