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  1. Fix earplugs in restraints I'm not trynna listen to a van at 100% for 5 minutes

    1. Bubbaloo Burrito

      Bubbaloo Burrito

      Since you asked now we won't. Who are you again? 



    2. SPBojo


      @ Bubbaloo Burrito Im sorry, could you repeat that? I coulda swore I just saw a 2015 baby trying to act cool


    3. Fastik


      Yeah who are you? @ SPBojo

  2. o7 @ Noahhh! You had a neat redemption arc and made us all proud. Don't be a stranger.

    1. Noahhh!


      Thank you sir. I won't be.

  3. Gangfunds are sus af to withdraw from atm, be careful when doing that shit.

    (Yes a bug report has been made)


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Weaz


      @ SPBojo The ledger is wrong, the money is right, no money is being deleted or duplicated its just the ledger updating wrong I think.

    3. SPBojo


      @ Weaz The 6 mill I'm supposed to have in my account but nor i or gangfunds have anymore begs to differ 😞 

    4. Weaz


      @ SPBojo When it happened to me I don't think I lost any, I guess its a different bug then lol.

  4. Fix bounties plz its the only way i feel my ego getting boosted on Olympus

    1. MawerSTGedzgnfj


      its working as intended. No cops can fuck with us now!

  5. Love you linka, definitely a needed thread as people from everywhere suffers from mental health issues and its ignored quite easily amongst gamers.
  6. He did indeed, go watch one of hes streams for even 5 minutes, hes been homeless for quite a while now streaming out of hes car.
  7. Ur late to the party when stuff like this is a option for people to use instead of someone non senior / non staff
  8. Poor guy went homeless, hope things go well for him
  9. I say we remove @ Mako from Community Manager and give it to Gunhand tbh

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