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  1. o7 @Overlord, Nothing but love bud, best of wishes, yah gun nut. 



  2. As already said, love you buddy, itl be alright. Itl all work out. Keep that head of yours above water and keep at it.
  3. Love you buddy, best of wishes. Hope everything goes well.
  4. Congrats on sup @Mahony and @Dr Bambino!

  5. o7 @Bunny, il miss RDM'ing you when your on medic


  6. May he rest in peace, deepest condolences to his wife, children and friends.
  7. o7 @Millennium




    Gl on the SGT grind


  8. No, bad david, shush, bad
  9. All yours! Leaving the SC here so you cant edit ur post again
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