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  1. Happy birthday Dr. @Jig!!

  2. Its a bug, if you die due to a vehicle getting exploded your body gets deleted and medics cant get you what so ever.
  3. Record and report! For this specifically i wanna mention that there was staff on doing events, but bleeding out this much and this often, not okay.
  4. This was 2 days ago, before S2 was temporarily locked. Im glad to hear you got revived etc but as for that situation itself, i agree with you it shouldnt be happening If this happens again in the future or you have a problem with medics afk'ing etc, you are more than welcome to hit me up personally / make a report / contact another senior with a video and we will gladly deal with it!
  5. Server 1 has always been the "new player server" so with only one server being available this is self explanatory. I wanna believe you on this but 99.99% sure you are exaggerating. If this actually happened toss me a video and il personally have a chat with the medics involved : ) I touched on this earlier, Server 1 has always been the "new player" / random people server, with S2 down for the time being majority of S2 gangs are simply not playing making S1 seem quite dead gang wise. Ah yes, classic. Has there been complaining about testing itself? No. Has there been complaining about S2 being the server to get "tested" on? Yes. If you have a problem with people not enjoying the fact their houses + gang sheds being taken away from them (even temporarily) im sorry to say but ur a dent head. If S1 was down instead of S2 people would still bitch and we all know Noble would bitch the loudest 1 server, what do you expect? Besides, fake news. Cops aint stacking for shit. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Just talked to the staff member that did majority of events yesterday aka the 15th, there was no events being done in kavala so idk what in the world you are on about. If this actually happened and you have a video of this, PLEASE send me it.
  6. Ah yes let me go buy a random bumfuck house in the middle of nowhere so i can keep doing my moonshine runs ive been doing on s2 cuz the house i use on S2 is definitely open on server 1, or even better, let me just get my gang gang shed on s1 because it's 100% going to be available! its not like every decent or even remotely good property has been taken and id need to pay 20m for a 0 crater even near moonshine! All im trynna say, i have S2 houses that are not available on S1, ive even gone as far as to search / check realtor for the area around the houses, NOTHING available. If you really expect "just buy a random house" to be a reasonable answer ur cooked. Im not trynna do moonshine out of a house located in sofia, im trynna do moonshine out of my house located near moonshine.
  7. I would agree with you but i dont have 198 Million and 433 warpoints so i would MUCH rather have my houses etc. The post itself is ment to say S2 Should have been kept up and S1 shut down.
  8. At least the R&R stands strong with our big gang! Got a whole 10 medics on!
  9. Expected as much tbh, and the fact its named "Server 1" probably looks better from a "PR" perspective, respectable
  10. So why tf ur rat ass take s2 down and leave shit1 up
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