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  1. WHAT is this servers problem like where are all the vigi montages :Kappa:

    1. N7Zero


      what have u started... 

    2. obeymatt


      45 minutes ago, N7Zero said:

      what have u started... 

      I’m hoping the chain of 3 rip style vigi montages :bender-dance:

      Edited by obeymatt
  2. Welcome
  3. +1
  4. 123
  5. Olympus unbannathon / admins: wow gang life is really coming back 

    admins ban everyone* / admins : Hm why is there no active gangs :peterscream:

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    2. Ryan


      From what I understand, Altis Life didn’t even have cartels implemented into it originally, developers had to add them in themselves. Altis life is technically meant to be a role play thing, not a hardcore fighting thing. Unfortunately most of the players here have “soft rp”

    3. Aunt Jemima

      Aunt Jemima

      LOL admins dont primarily care about cartels theres plenty of active gangs and servers are normally full at peak hours soooo theoretically they should be happy with the server as of lately 

    4. Jaster


      the cartel gangs are a portion of the community and right now that potion of the community is either banned or just not playing. There are plenty of other gangs/players who never touch cartels. When people complain about gang life they are complaining that the cartel fighting potion of the community just isnt as active as it usually is. Updates wont help gang life only the players. Leadership of prime were banned, 2 members from TI were banned, Plague has Apache banned. 

  6. Welcome and have fun
  7. There are alot of guns for sale at the rebel out post ranging from 9mm all the way up to 7.62, u can even try a gun store
  8. Happy birthday @Fushigi stay angry 

  9. Ya the vigi re work is def a plus one doubt anyone is gonna waste time getting 25 arrests for the max payout to lose all the progress when they go buy rebel license
  10. Guys give him a break he’s mildly retarded
  11. Actually if you go back into the Greek language mcdili actually means free the boys
  12. @Peter Long just know even though u don’t like me I still love u 


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