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  1. anyone wanna explain why this is in the pre made my mix on youtube 


    1. Bow


      Thanks for reminding me of this great song from the motherland.

  2. obeymatt

    yes its pirated but its not in Russian i use it and can confirm i am not Russian
  3. obeymatt

    U can get sony vegas for free just goto the you tubes it will be right there
  4. obeymatt

  5. obeymatt

    Do u guys get an erection when u hit people off ?
  6. obeymatt

    Why so he can tp into bomb room and defuse
  7. obeymatt

    Can confirm I have seen it
  8. obeymatt

    Please no one refer to this retards pricing he has some next Japanese prices for shit that the man reason he doesn’t sell anything
  9. obeymatt

    Selling this s2 frog house 1km from frog swamp and 2.5 from the processor https://gyazo.com/4553525e6def1605c64dd2d54ed78152 4 crater holds 1450 frogs , all double processed brings 6.2 mill
  10. When Kurt gets his new top quality mic, can we get him to record himself reading the change logs for the visually impaired  :Kappa:

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    2. obeymatt


      31 minutes ago, Kurt said:

      Lmfao did you hear ignis in that masterpiece of a video let him narrate it 

      Yes but your beautiful voice paired with a top tier mic, it would be like angels singing from the heavens above 

      Edited by obeymatt
    3. Ryan


      3 hours ago, Savage said:

      What’s with the tag

    4. Savage
  11. Where can I report profile pictures, @DeadPools profile picture is pornographic 

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    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Since when is a hairy nipple pornographic? @DeadPool was the queer bag that saved the pic now he gets to reap the rewards ^_^

    3. Proud


      @Grandma Gary has his as a nude why isn't his banned yet

    4. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Mine isn't nude wtf are you looking at? ;D

  12.  Please hit like for my boy kurt time is running out 

  13. Hey did I hear gang wars 


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