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  1. obeymatt

    Bye Bye Olympus can finally say im bored of arma thanks for all the good memories and great nights spent wasting my time o7 Love u @Fushigi Check my logs and houses habibi @Jesse Found another dupe with your new and so great inv system but it will stay my secret and my home boy @Craze 's secret
  2. Remember civ rep elections are just around the corner prepare for deadpools poll spam 

    1. MAV


      to be completely fair deadpool had many polls during his tenure.. so much so that his name was Temp changed to DeadPoll... also he has brought up the vigi thing before and it went similar to this, split... just because a few people bitch loud and often, doesn't mean the vast community wants to get rid of them...just means some people have a loud mouth.

  3. @Jesse you think if @Craze makes a large offline donation he can’t get unbanned Just like mcgregor??

    1. Craze


      Calls me out for hacking when I wasn't even around during 2017 period. Account was last seen 2 years back and only banned last year. No video evidence of me hacking/scripting. Calls me out for assisting in ban evading when I was in New Kings in 2016 when I didn't even know LBear was ban evading, left New Kings way before December of 2016 when I got caught for duping. Whatever, bans me off TS with ban message "weeaboo" just cause I'm asian :)

      Wouldn't be surprised if I'm gonna get banned from forums too ~

      Edited by Craze
    2. Fat Clemenza
  4. We got the plane nerf boys, next we get VIGI’S removed 

    Edited by obeymatt
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    2. Fuzz^


      We're halfway there OHHHHHH Living on a prayer.....

    3. Christmas Dash

      Christmas Dash

      Take my hand, we'll make it I swear

    4. Theak


      Buahahah +2

  5. obeymatt

    What ?!?!?! That’s not what you told me, u told me you were stepping down because your windows key broke
  6. obeymatt

    i have a dp3 4 crater and garage make me an offer
  7. obeymatt

    Sorry did u. Just say bfo was “decent “ m best moment getting permed then unpermed then permed then unpermed then permed then unpermed then permed then unpermed
  8. obeymatt

    I have a dp5 3 crater And garage
  9. Malden password hint 

    #1 PeterLongs weight 

    #2 6 digits long 

  10. obeymatt

    Can confirm, if your such fan of us you can apply on the forums we fight our cartels not just afk on cap
  11. obeymatt

    i have a dp5 garage and 3 crater for sale
  12. obeymatt

    Ya I had 2 I also have a 4 crater in dp3 with a garage If your interested in the 3 crater pm me
  13. obeymatt

    I have a dp5 3 crater for sale if your interested
  14. obeymatt

    Ya he’s gay

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