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  1. happy birthday @Jwilly

    1. Jazzy




    2. Haze


      A true nibba 

  2. Excision

    Why do u sound like leafy trying to make diss tracks?
  3. Excision

    take his jaw for a spin.
  4. who tf is @HyperGoat?

    1. Jazzy


      What's a hyper goat?

  5. Excision

    Bunk bed bandits*
  6. Excision

    lmao why are you so scared of TI ? like this is a public event for fun. You aren't fighting for anything besides in game money so why not just have fun with it??
  7. Excision

    pushing window with an ifrit got stale, so we got creative. hehe xd
  8. Excision

    movie was dope till the last battle scene, made it all look so fake and stupid how 3 people and a tank could take out like 300+ people and Dunkirk fucking sucked.
  9. https://gyazo.com/fd450c436ad9bdb7653515e982fcf5b5
  10. Excision

    I'm not an fto but id accept you
  11. Happy Birthday @EatMeth Ass-Biscuit

  12. Excision

    FTO EXCISION HERE if u do pass your test I will be more than happy to train you
  13. @DarwinsMisfit o7 thanks for the first FTO test :wub:

  14. Excision

    First player to ever win 3 gang wars in a row back to back to back and because of this I was able to fall asleep on discord with my big titty goth gf I met on twitch.tv Thanks @Peter Long!!!

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