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  1. design team at its finest
  2. swear to god if I'm in a middle of a fight and then my screen becomes half text saying that someone is robbing a gas station in kavala then ill freak.
  3. i would spray the heli out of the sky lmao
  4. or you could not be bad and not get tazed in the first place??????????????? >again just bait...
  5. gimme ur shit
  6. this is by far the most logical decision to make.
  7. I have to nominate @TheRealKyle's ghosthawks are op pt 2 thread.
  8. our gang calls everything easy rocks
  9. My man silton is right though when we did the blackwater and the fed corps just ran in like a chicken with its head cut off to go onto lethals they didn't even try to tase anyone just ran in the gate with their gun holstered and during the blackwater with 5 minutes left on the bomb they just opt out and sat at hq with 2 ghosthawks just waiting for bomb to blow, that doesn't even sound like they're trying to resolve the situation they basically just said fuck it lets just use 2 ghosthawks.
  10. Also I don't think that people realize that cops sit in the afk channel just scrolling until they see a fed or blackwater then they all just mass log with srAPD and everything I've seen it go from 10 cops to 20 max slots before we could bolt cut the door
  11. I'm just saying that all the lower ranks like corp and PO were complaining.
  12. ayy jesse just wanted to let you know when this blackwater was happening about every single cop in that channel was calling you a shit developer for adding this feature
  13. Ill tell you the back story, 5-7 cops all slammed on one tower and lil bill tazed ALL of them, not because its over powerd but because cops don't value their life all they do is slam a wall and rush the tower if they die they die if u cant get one person with a spar-16 and there is 5 of you then that's your own fault.
  14. pretty easy fed honestly but no they should not be able to get tased and restrained
  15. best strategy start a fed and watch all the cops mass log then slowly walk away from the fed/bw