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  1. Easy prime when tiger , jwilly, prom, and Connor macgregor where all in it. Most dominate gang Olympus ever saw
  2. next person up for olympus, in 3 months.

  3. what staff members got canned for inactivity? @Ares

  4. 07 bro. You were a good cop, when you were on!

  5. Ever wonder how to hang yourself at home?
  6. Welcome back marcus;)

  7. Yes. Let me know if that's an issue.
  8. 125 usd for ram and mobo. If you pay shipping:)
  9. Always coons looking to rob those players tho thats why alot of people just wait till late night and go s1
  10. Eta on load out saving @Kurt

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. Skys


      Lets just call the gravedigger for Monster's mom

    3. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      9 hours ago, Chaos said:

      Was definitely meming on you but I like the idea of coming at Gary so let’s go. 


      Gary I think your ability to administrate the server is impaired by your age. I think you should retire. @Grandma Gary

      FIGHT ME!

    4. Skys


      Yikes chaos turned into Grandma's bitch @Grandma Gary's Bitch

  11. I want facts bro. You've been HA literally as long as I remember. I'm not chatting shit. Because I think your a great admin. But how long have you actually been in that position? Since day one, I want the grandma orgin my dude. +1 lemme suck that old cock

  12. Why the fuck would I care what you want retard? I gave him a offer mind your own business. Fucking autisimo.
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