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  1. Canada

    Everyone wants to be on the bandwagon people can't think for themselves.
  2. @snipeZ

    Look at sidechat 15 minutes in your in the video 

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    2. Canada
    3. snipeZ


      You would be surprised how oblivious people are when a teammate dies :(

    4. ikeem


      aye send me the ts 

  3. ACTUALLY A Fucking shame. 


    possible donation goal to help the family?

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    2. Panda :)

      Panda :)

      Would support also.

    3. Vac.


      Id support this make it happen.....

    4. Fat Clemenza

      Fat Clemenza

      I’d hold off on it. I’m sure his family had, has, or will have a GoFundMe set up somewhere. I’m sure the Staff could find out his particulars and would be able to contact his next of kin to find out if they have one up. I’m suggesting this because having one page would be more efficient than two. 

  4. Canada

    I chose the Nigger 3 my bad ****number
  5. js i came to talk to you in support before you were relevant <3

    Congratz on mod dude, nice to see someone whos not a cocksucker get what they derserve - Prophet

    @Jamie <3

    1. Panera


      calling someone irrelevant when you lied about having cancer to get into Prime 

      big yikes

      Edited by Panera
    2. Proud


      @Panera BRUH CHILLL XDD

    3. Colin L

      Colin L

      And would help with teamspeak servers to get co-leader tags

  6. https://pastebin.com/M4RSH5Ai

    People getting banned here for racism meanwhile......

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    2. McDili


      I didn't catch the edit.

    3. Canada


      Coon is racist eiether way double standards plain and simple can I change my name to Cancoon? Can I connect to the server with that without being banned or kicked and being told to change it?

      My bad anyway it was a typo not on you:)

    4. McDili


      Cancoon was the name of a restaurant I ate at when I was a kid. Go for it.

  7. Canada

    shhhh don't ruin it
  8. Canada

  9. @Haze can we get a eta on those custom asylum characters that you've brought up more times then I can count now... and still heard nothing about months later


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    2. Canada


      i heard it bro the key point being a few civ rep logs ago I'm looking for a status update bro 

    3. Dante


      Once there is one it’ll either be announced or in a future civ rep log. Contact your civ reps if you have any questions regarding it and then they could potentially bring it up at a future meeting and see what’s going on. 

    4. Canada


      Our civ rep is a racist retard and the other one plays rust all day I'll go for him, at least he's not challenged 

  10. @McDili ill mail you a quart of Canadian moonshine if you teach me to be a "rolleeeeeeplayerrrrrrrr"

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    2. Canada


      think of it as a donation to help the community

    3. obeymatt


      *donates to get unbanned * puts in ban appeal * “After careful review of your appeal the decision has been made to not remove the ban. In the future be sure to know and understand the rules so issues such as this do not happen again.”

      Edited by obeymatt
    4. Deadpool


      1 hour ago, McDili said:

      Canadian Moonshine huh, what separates it from the good old home grown Tennessee shine

      Just that Canadian will make you say sorry more and feel more sorry. American is still better.

  11. Just because theirs no one to slam ifrits into over and over on cap doesn't mean olympus is dead btw guys, just means the playstyle you enjoy is dead. Stop making it out like the communities dead.... its really not

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    2. Jesse


      How exactly do you suggest we "fix the server stack"?

    3. John Wayne

      John Wayne

      Cap slots, server switch cool down during events, maybe even enforce meta between apd members. If none of it’s possible then there’s another approach of doing things like blocking 4th gate at the fed like it used to be. Especially since there’s jump spots and vans since that update.

      All gangs are relatively small now, <=8 concurrent players, fighting 17 cops isn’t worth their time.

    4. Ryan


      I mean when our gang logs on we normally log at least 13-14 people. Aka why cops knock down the walls, and sits a blackwater before we even get there. @John Wayne

  12. #Free @obeymatt

    1. obeymatt


      Maybe one day :(

    2. Canada


      If you get unbanned, come fight with me and ill buy your loadouts;) Miss ya lad.

      Always be my favorite Shitter

  13. Canada


    see you in another one, liked playing cop with you Your my favorite 80 plus hour deputy - prophet

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