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  1. Your smoking jib if you think a 2 crater in dp22 is worth 8 mil. I literally found a open three crater and two crater the same day on server one in the same dp
  2. @Outcast thanks for being a og about that 4mil comp report 🙏🙏

  3. @Zahzi can we get a rough eta on when the may donation goal will be added, just asking cause theirs like no sheds near warzone ❤️


  4. looking for good garages or houses for fighting cartels
  5. filled out a R&R Application and was asked to confirm my age.... 20 years old, so i sent this from 2016 to confirm my age. https://imgur.com/a/GIxksQX

    Dirty Old Vapes

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    2. SPBojo


      @North__ so why would you lie in the first place if you were of age? 

    3. PJ.


      @North__ In conclusion, just be honest 😕

    4. North__


      @SPBojo honestly man I used to do a lot of drugs, and I don’t have a fucking clue, that was 2018. I was putting anything and everything up my nose that year. Thank god for rehab 😂😂🍵🍵🍵


  6. Can someone link a list of the different permissions gang ranks get?

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    2. SPBojo


      Rank 0 : Spawn gang shed

      Rank 1: Invite players and access the Y of the shed

      Rank 2: promote rank 0 to rank 1 and access gang vehicles

      Rank 3: Send and accept war requests, promote to rank 2

      Rank 4: gang funds

      Rank 5: disband the gang 

      All ranks can use the perks from the rank below.

    3. Zurph


      I think you can demote someone below 0 and they cant spawn at shed.

    4. SecTranLive


      Also rank3 and up can pay rent 

  7. I’ll buy 500. Add my discord. It’s on my Olympus profile. Points first or middle man though
  8. Add my discord maybe we can work out a price for the lot.
  9. North_#6189 North_#6189 add me lads
  10. 300k a pop for a gun that’s 120k at rebel. I’ll have to pass on that one boss. Unless you’re talking about more then one.
  11. Looking for pilot coveralls, csats, any lethal mk18s mk1s or type 115s, and sapd unis post what ya have and how much you want
  12. I’ll buy the pilot coveralls.
  13. Got any pilot coveralls left?
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