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  1. Make sure to make your monthly donations to the APD!! You'll get an official police supporter sticker if you meet the 15$ goal!!


  2. GuardiaN

  3. GuardiaN

  4. GuardiaN

    I do $1000 in vegas fuck your fake bull shit.
  5. GuardiaN

    yeah people on their computers don't quantify how their actions effect others. terrible really.
  6. GuardiaN

  7. GuardiaN

  8. 15 was right lmao i looked like such a memey little fuck xD
  9. not really I am just a tad high/drunk (cross faded) and want to be entertained. roast me = https://gyazo.com/f92dacfef7c2dfe41cceedd91c5152f5
  10. Free me boss


    Image result for giving a badge

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    2. Fuzz^


      59 minutes ago, Genghis Khan said:


      Watch out he might become a vigi and yoink you 

    3. GuardiaN


      Lol im 19 bro

    4. hawk


      13 hours ago, Millennium said:

      Just a personal opinion, I don't think Pledge likes it when people @ him, and other stuff to try and get a age exception

      @Pledge pls gimme ace exception!!!!

  11. GuardiaN

    lmaoooo this is retarded
  12. i always had some shit regular chair to play games w.... brand new dx racer to match my great pc... lmao finally my ass wont hurt :wub:

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    2. sped


      your gameplay will improve exponentially

    3. Panda :)

      Panda :)

      I got  a dx racer I have had it for a little over a year they are nice but a  100$ office chair is much more comfortable. Not that I don’t like them one great thing about them that they are very durable.

    4. Slumberjack


      Awesome chair. I've had mine for about 5 years and it's still holding up strong. Quality investment.

  13. Dad check my PM pleas :3Nips:

    1. Strikke


      Pledge's dick doesn't taste this good @GuardiaN.....

    2. GuardiaN
  14. hey im a big fan and noticed you like all your own posts with an alt


  15. i clicked on this profile only to hear a fantastic song by drake and meek mill....


    great album, his song with savage is something else to check out big guy.

    1. bigSMOKE


      boy could you shut the fuck up im trying to sleep!! Image result for mad guy

    2. GuardiaN
    3. Pledge


      Yeah. Meek Mill is underappreciated in my opinion. 


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