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  1. LoganBoBo55

    Ill give 150k for the MX
  2. LoganBoBo55

    ok, but I can't buy ammo for the spar, except the 30rnd mags Ill give 250k for spar
  3. LoganBoBo55

    Ill offer 150k each for the spar and ill give 900k for the MK1.
  4. LoganBoBo55

    List your tazer, and price
  5. Ill give 3 mil for dms pm me
  6. LoganBoBo55


    3.1 mil, also I need screen shot
  7. LoganBoBo55

    Ill buy for 360k, sorry. 450k would be way over paying
  8. LoganBoBo55

    Ill buy 2 mx tazers, for 450k
  9. LoganBoBo55

    How much for the DMS scope?
  10. LoganBoBo55

    Yes I did. and I messaged you and you never responded
  11. LoganBoBo55

    I was going to buy it but you never replied, I even told you to mesage me when you wanted to meet, so you have no excuses to have not sold it to me
  12. LoganBoBo55

    Ok, I'll be on about 4-5 pm CST
  13. LoganBoBo55

    How much for the MK 1 Tazer?
  14. LoganBoBo55

    Yes, Ill be on about 4:00 pm CST
  15. LoganBoBo55

    Ill give 800k

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