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  1. Fucking blacklisted me from medic because I was 3 months from being 16

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    2. draMa


      Last I checked “3 months from 16” isn’t 16. Why even apply when you see 16 is the requirement? Man people get more retarded by the day.

    3. Headless


      +1 and the right thing is to immediately come to forums and flame his decision instead of taking the blacklist.

    4. CommanderSuki


      Some times it still confuses me that people get surprised and offended by it i mean it's literally written in the prerequisites what will happen if they are stupid enough to lie about there age. 6. Anyone caught lying on an application will be permanently blacklisted from the R&R.


  2. Looking to buy cop tazers like the mx or others
  3. How much Per MX? Also how much for the mar-10?
  4. So my application for the R&R team gets denied the first time, the wait time is 2 weeks to re-apply. The servers are understaffed for the R&R team and I think that whoever takes it serious should be accepted and also the last box you have to fill in doesn't even tell you what you are supposed to fill in.

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