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  1. This isn't fortnite
  2. FTP

  3. oh. ;((
  4. where the fuck was my @
  5. i forgot it was today and slept through it xd
  6. Not everyone has the time for vanilla
  7. Pm me your settings for it
  8. Are your drivers updated
  9. i only do customs,fac,and woods. Shoreline can fuck itself. add my steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/JIMMYJERM/
  10. Only encountered one cheater. But if you do its the fucks who will literally 1 tap your head from miles away I've had people stuff there rsass's and m4's into there shit It's aids.
  11. I have ran into 0 problems Besides the shitty put your gun in gamma case and never lose it but it's whatever.

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