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  1. actually if you do 3.5 u gotta deal.
  2. ok i just wanna sell this shit so take this somewhere else please ty
  3. so.. any updates on anyone wanting to purchase this....
  4. https://gyazo.com/0c3b4da5e5f93a09cee38d2480f4fdf4
  5. 5 mill for all of it. or strider+6mill for chrome + few couple 100k for all upgrades.....
  6. chrome is 6 mill. + everything is full upgraded
  7. Will sell for 5 mill https://gyazo.com/7767fe547938ffb00df2a8226b881773
  8. sin

    How much does a chrome strider sell for ? And if its worth a really good amount im willing to sell it
  9. sin

    Remember when I flew over rebel in when I was deputy fuck you.

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