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  1. you guys are putting in work..more people come from Asylum everyday, very impressed with the updates in the past 6 months, thanks for keeping Arma alive
  2. Boonie I'm not sure where your ego comes from, you basically just described yourself below... Mr Boonie - " Finally I dont think anyone here on olympus knows who the fuck you are, i havent seen you play on these servers, havent seen you in ANY reputable gangs I bet you waste your time on KOTH and TDM because you are entirely shit at playing on olympus Oh and donating to peter long has NOTHING to deal with anything related to this fucking server xD but nice one not like everyone hasn't said that remark 15 thousand times. Get original and get dead kid."
  3. I don't think it will fit me bro
  4. So if you delete you arma profiles right? You lose your stats....Yeah they can be restored...So they are saved client side..backed up server side..So I don't think I was wrong in my original statement..And wtf rambler you're a mod now? Nice man
  5. but if you delete your files, you will lose your levels......your logic is flawed sir. yes if they can back them up, that means they we're lost in the first place...correct? anyways, have a nice day
  6. hey dude..you started with me lol https://gyazo.com/5636d40703fc057fddcd044036e54d0b
  7. here are my montages man lol i dont even play anymore i just come on here to troll plebs like you and watch montages and talk to some old friends
  8. lmfao you are so upset bro , go outside...this server and forums isnt my life sorry , and ive been in the best gangs on asylum and olympus lol im too old to sit around on here all day good luck getting mod you are so toxic it will never happen lol
  9. i'll just leave this here lmfao
  10. good luck waiting 42 hours in that channel and delete your profiles and go into german tdm and see if you have your levels and why are you always being so toxic on threads all the time, i probably would took if i looked like you and had a miserable life and got bullied throughout my entire childhood lets not forget you donating thousands of dollars to peter and you are still irrelevant
  11. Don't delete your arma profile...Youll lose your levels on TDM/Koth and stuff Make sure you don't have any addons on, like epoch, what not that's what that file looks like
  12. hi bro you coming back?

    1. De Fuk

      De Fuk

      hey man yes i am i will be playing a lot i had some irl issues but now i hope everything will be fine talk to you soon :D

  13. you guys might as well change your name nobody will ever like you

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